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SuddendeathSudden Death is a Fun mode in Counter-Strike Online.


  • Be the first one to score the set points to win. Otherwise, the player with the highest points will win once the time runs out.


It is a deathmatch style mode where when the players are spawned, they must kill each other with Seal knife or get a Desert Eagle which is located in a certain area (mostly at the center of the map). After 20 seconds of the round, M4A1 will be dropped randomly and if the round still does not end, a C4 will be planted and wait for all death condition. There are some health kits available in some areas.


  • Spawned weapons are only one clip loaded, use your weapon wisely.
  • One point is achieved whenever a player kills another. In addition, the last player will be given bonus points for his/her survival.

Compatible map[]

Fun suddendeath cso


Honor mission
Title Description Task
A medal given to those who have a lot of victories in Sudden Death.
[Round and Round]
Gentlemen, winning a single battle is not an eternal victory. Winning another battle will always keep the suspense as beginning! Note: only counted in room with 4 players and above. Win 300 rounds in Sudden Death mode.