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SuperSoldier Super Soldier is a Game Mode in Counter-Strike Online.


A Team Deathmatch mode where enhanced humans compete against each other.


  • A mode where players are divided into two teams and battle each other. The first team to reach the target goal set by the host wins.
  • Each member's kills are added to the team's total score. The team to reach the goal kill count first wins the match.
  • You must choose the right weapon and Expert depending on the situation. Choosing the right Expert at the right time to utilize their exclusive skills will be a big help in increasing your team's total kills.
  • Collect the S.V.P. that appears on the map randomly before other players do and you will be able to significantly enhance your abilities and kill many enemies.


  • Achieve victory by defeating the opposing team.


  • Collect the S.V.P. that appears on the map to perform powerful attacks on your enemies.
  • Use a variety of skills, as they will be very helpful in combat.
  • You can change your Expert each time you spawn.
  • You are invincible for 3 seconds after reviving.


24 August 2023
  • The maximum number of players supported is expanded from 12 (6vs6) to 20 (10vs10)


Icon Name Description
Infighter Fighter Expert in Close Quarter Combat
Striker supersoldier Striker Expert in sustaining combats
Supporter Supporter Expert in aiding allies
Sniper Sniper Expert in attacking from far


Icon Name Description
Humanskill hm spd Sprint Dash quickly through the map.
  • Sprint cannot be used while S.V.P. is activated. (Always applies).
  • For X seconds, your Movement Speed is increased by X, allowing you to move quickly. While in the Sprint state, the player's Stun and Knockback resistance is greatly increased, but will also receive X% more damage. This skill can be used to escape situations that limit movement.
SuperSoldier ForwardJump Leap Leap forward a large distance.
  • Jumps in the direction the player is facing. Stun and knockback resistance is greatly increased over X seconds. This skill can be used to escape situations that limit movement.
Humanskill hm hd Deadly Shot Primary weapon damage can become Critical Strikes.
  • Grants X% chance of Critical Strike while using the primary weapon for X seconds.
  • Condition: Must be using Primary Weapon
SuperSoldier Bullseye Bullseye The next shot fired is an automatic headshot.
  • The first bullet that successfully hits the enemy within X seconds of activating the skill will be applied as a headshot regardless of where it lands.
  • Condition: Must be using the Sniper Rifle (Rifle)
SuperSoldier SupplyBox Supply Box Deploy a helpful Supply Box on the map.
  • Using this skill will place a Supply Box in front of the player that lasts for X seconds. It can be used to refill ammo, SP, and Armor.
  • Maximum Quantity: 1
  • Usage Limit: Once per Supply Box
Zombieskill zombiheal Heal Restore your HP and the HP of those around you.
  • X% of Max HP is restored every X second(s) over X seconds for all allies within the X meter(s) of the player. Additionally, it restores X bonus SP for each ally that was healed through this skill.
  • SP Bonus Condition: Applicable when recovering more than 2 players, including yourself.
Zombieskill zombismoke Smokescreen Forms a veil of smoke that reduces incoming damage.
  • Creates a smoke screen around the player that lasts for X seconds, reducing X% of the damage received by the player and their allies within X meter(s) of the smoke screen.
SuperSoldier InfinityAmmo Infinity Ammo Firing will not consume ammo for a certain amount of time.
  • Using this skill fills the normal rounds of the weapon used by the player. Additionally, firing will not consume ammo for X seconds.
  • Applicable Ammo: Normal Rounds (excludes Special Rounds, etc.) only.
SuperSoldier bloodywind Blood Wind Generates a dangerous wind that damages the surrounding area.
  • Deals X% of your maximum HP to all enemies within X meter(s), every X second(s) for a total of X seconds.