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For original version, see Void Avenger.

Supreme Sentinel is an Epic grade pistol in Counter-Strike Online.


A special weapon used by the Overseers, created with otherworldly technology. It can automatically detect and lock onto enemies. Its Void Judgment utilizes charged dark energy to fire a singularity that draws in enemies. Customized for the Overseer High Inquisitor.


  • High damage in Zombie Mode
  • Bullets automatically hit enemies within 15 meter when shot
  • Higher firing than Void Avenger
  • +10 Extra ammo than Void Avenger


  • Very limited to obtain
  • Easily run dry
  • Long reload time


  • The crosshairs light up when you hit your target.
  • Allows for unlimited use of spare ammo in Scenario Mode.
  • Special Feature: Void Judgment: After charging your special attack by hitting enemies, you can right-click to fire a singularity in the direction you're facing which draws in nearby enemies.


  • Void Judgment's effect reaches full potency shortly after being fired.
  • Draws in and damages enemies. Initial Damage: 6 (Normal), 375 (Zombie), 750 (Scenario)
  • Detonates for additional damage when effect ends. Detonation Damage: 30 (Normal), 750 (Zombie), 1500 (Scenario)
  • The detection feature does not work in Normal Mode.


  • Ammo depleted faster when there are more enemies within range.
  • High recoil when firing against multiple targets.
  • Attacking long range targets or obstacles is not possible when there are enemies detected nearby.
  • Void Judgment mode can only be activated after hitting enemies 70 times.

Release date[]

  • China: 25 May 2022.
  • CSNS: 2 June 2022.
  • South Korea: 16 November 2023.

Supreme Sentinel Crafting Event[]

Craft a Supreme Sentinel using the 3 crafting materials.

Supreme Sentinel's Blueprints

If you have a Void Avenger (Permanent) before the event starts, get one Supreme Sentinel's Blueprints upon first log in after maintenance. If you don't have a Void Avenger (Permanent) before the event, but get one from an Epic Decoder during the event, get one Supreme Sentinel's Blueprints upon first getting a Void Avenger (Permanent).

Void Judgment

Collect 200 Void Judgment Materials from Zombie/Zombie Scenario play and craft one Void Judgment.

Overseer Technology

Log in on the days below and collect 30 Overseer Technology Data to craft one Overseer Technology. Overseer Technology by day: Mon - Fri: 1 Daily. Sat: 2. Sun: 3



  • This is the first extended version of Epic weapon not released in South Korea region untill the patch on November 16th 2023.
  • Due to the gold chrome texture, the cyan color of the weapon model becomes turquoise in-game.
  • This is the second Epic weapon after Blaze Nova to have a unique design for an expanded weapon variant.