TURBULENT-5 is a Rare assault rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


This is an assault rifle fed with 30 rounds of 7.62 NATO based on the M14 EBR. It is equipped with TURBULENT Engine System that enhances its rate of fire.


  • Very high rate of fire
  • Excellent damage
  • High accuracy
  • Low recoil
  • Has good stun power


  • Heavy weight
  • Quite long reload time
  • Runs dry easily

Release date

  • South Korea: 9 February 2017.
  • TaiwanChina/Hong Kong/China: 14 February.
  • Japan: 15 February 2017.
  • Indonesia: 2 May 2017
  • CSNZ: 26 July 2017


Normal Matches
  • Since TURBULENT-5 has high accuracy, high rate of fire and low recoil, it is recommended to be used in Team Deathmatch and Basic.
  • Use burst firing if the opponent's position is in long distance.
  • Its rate of fire is high. Use it really carefully, since you can dry the weapon easily.
Zombie Mode
  • 30 rounds of TURBULENT-5 with Deadly Shot can kill two zombies with 3500 HP.
  • Due to high accuracy, it is easy to get a headshot to the zombies with large head hitbox.
  • It is also good for incoming Light Zombies.

Comparison to M14 EBR


  • Lower recoil (+11%)
  • Higher rate of fire (+3%)
  • Higher magazine size (+10)
  • Higher accuracy (+3%)
  • Same weight (16%)
  • Same reserved ammo and ammo type (90/7.62 NATO)
  • More expensive (+$3600)
  • Lower damage (-11)
  • Longer reload time (+0.5 seconds)



Firing sound

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