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is the seventh Anti-Zombie weapon series in Counter-Strike Online.


The weapons of this series feature a new specialized technology the TURBULENT Engine System that tremendously modifies the rate of fire that makes the weapons shoot very fast, in fact, they can surpass most submachine guns. They specialize in extreme rate of fire and accuracy, overwhelming opponents in a hail of bullets.


Main article: TURBULENT-1

This is a belt-fed pistol equipped with TURBULENT Engine System that uses a 150 rounds of 9mm. It is based on the Mauser C96 and has rapid fire mechanism.


Main article: TURBULENT-3

This open bolt submachine gun which is fed with 32 rounds of 9mm cartridge is equipped with TURBULENT Engine System that is capable of high-speed continuous shooting. Its design is based of the Sten MK2.


Main article: TURBULENT-5

This is an assault rifle fed with 30 rounds of 7.62 NATO based on the M14 EBR. It is equipped with TURBULENT Engine System that enhances its rate of fire.


Main article: TURBULENT-7

This is a 100 rounds light machine gun remodelled after the HK23E equipped with the TURBULENT Engine System for a fast continuous shooting. Its rate of fire is as high as a submachine gun and the damage is upgraded.


Main article: TURBULENT-9

It is a gauntlet-type close-up claw that can blow strong destructive power. It's equipped with TURBULENT Engine System in 2nd mode and using the blade attached to the gauntlet, thereby fast continuous attack is possible.


Main article: TURBULENT-11

This is a shotgun remodelled after the Daewoo USAS-12 fed with 20 rounds of 12 Gauge. It's equipped with TURBULENT Engine System to make fast fire possible.


  • The color scheme of this series is yellow with shiny chrome-like white, silver and black to a lesser extent. Their logo, which is a stylized "T", is printed on the weapons' bodies.
  • During the first release of the TURBULENT-7, the previous anti-zombie series, CROW Series, is not complete yet.