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Tanker is a playable faction in Counter-Strike Online for Metal Arena mode. It is unavailable in other modes.


Icon Name Effect Cooldown
Auto shield Auto Shield Increases defense. It has a percentage of activating, when activated damage received will be nullified for a short period of time. Passive
Tank Tank Can be triggered by pressing F2. Temporarily thickens player armor. Increases defense and attack power significantly at the cost of mobility. 60 seconds
Stun particle Stun Particle Damages and stun enemy, and a chance to add up to 150% while attacking. Only available for shotguns and melee weapons. Passive
Mach booster Mach Booster Triggered by pressing F4. Berserks to the front, damaging enemy contact. Level 1:120 seconds
Level 2:80 seconds
Level 3:40 seconds


Level Strength Attack Power (%)
1 1000 60
2 1080 77
3 1160 94
4 1240 111
5 1320 128
6 1400 145
7 1480 162
8 1560 179
9 1640 196
10 1720 213
11 1800 230
12 1880 247
13 1960 264
14 2040 281
15 2120 298
16 2280 332
17 2360 349


  • They have the highest amount of heal obtainable.

Tactics when using Tanker[]

  • If you have a SKULL-9, combine it with Mach Booster and Stun Particle to deal fatal damage against the others. A direct hit will kill Riflemen and Hectors instantly (make sure you have upgraded all the abilities first before hunting Hector).
  • Shotguns are the suitable weapon for this class, especially the Volcano.
  • Use the Charge ability to escape from Targeted Plasma Bombs from Riflemen or when you are stunned due to a Tanker enemy.

Tactics when facing a Tanker user[]

  • Avoid going directly to him as you are giving a way easy to shoot you.
  • Targeted Nuclear Bombs are the best way to deal with them.
  • Get back to your base if you are surrounded by Tankers.


These weapons are usable by the tankers:



  • Tanker can be equipped with M134 Minigun (including its variants), a knife or Shotguns.
  • The most suitable weapon for the Tanker is the Gatling, because it has epic damage and the Tanker can run while using it.
  • The Counter-Terrorist's Tanker resembles the Titan when it is wielding the M134 Minigun.
  • This character is not available for Singapore/Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam as well as Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, because Meta Arena is not released in those regions.