Team deathmach 2Team Deathmatch is a game mode in Counter-Strike Online.

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In the original Counter-Strike, 'Team Deathmatch' is a common server-side custom game mode. 'Team Deathmatch' becomes an official game mode in Counter-Strike Online.


Team Deathmatch still covers the fight between the Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. This game has one simple objective - kill all opposing team members until the kill limit is reached.

Dead players will respawn after 5 seconds in their spawn base, 3 seconds with Short Respawn Time active. The match ends after either one of the factions reaches the kill limit or being the leading team when the timer runs out. 

Available maps

Assault icon Estate icon Italy icon Militia icon Office icon Camouflage gfx Camouflage2 icon

Aztec icon Cbble gfx Dust icon Dust2 icon Inferno icon Nuke icon Train icon Truth gfx Rex gfx Toscana gfx Prodigy gfx De santorini cso Survivor gfx De angelcity cso De turkey cso De wintershelter cso De mirage cso

Ae gfx Port gfx Ruin gfx Moonlight gfx Industry gfx Industry2 gfx Greesia gfx Dm champ cso Rats gfx Gallery gfx Kart gfx Suzhou gfx Tunnel gfx Dm darksnow cso Dm warehouse cso Bzm farero cso


  • There is a bug where you cannot respawn after death and you must re-enter the game to continue playing.

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