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Teddy Terror is an event boss in Counter-Strike Online.


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The Teddy Terror is a bear which wears Elite Crew's clothes, its main weapon is a hammer. It inherits some abilities from the previous bosses such as Oberon's black hole, Dione's tentacles summoning or Revenant's fire storm.

This boss appears in Nightmare on round 6 (extra round) only during Special Nightmare events.



  • When this boss uses its fire storm skill, it will drop Supply Boxes.
  • In Indonesia region during the event, players could obtain JANUS-1 from the boxes dropped by Teddy. Note that it can be used only in round 6 of Nightmare, and the weapon is not official released yet at that time.
  • In some regions, there is a bug when sometimes, Special Nightmare only has 5 rounds, that causes players cannot face the Teddy Terror.