Etc Fun Facts


Did you know that...

  • ...there are the faces of Light zombie and Heavy zombie on Frozen Terror's body?
  • ...Jim is the leader of Red Lizard Mercenaries and Norman was his most trusted comrade before he betrayed to Vanguard?
  • ...inside the Heavy zombie's body, there's a small banner showing "Copyright [2007] NEXON & Valve Corporation. All Rights Reserved."?
  • ...Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies was a contrast to Nexon's statement about the game being exclusive to Asian regions previously?
  • can throw flashbang twice with 1 quantity of flashbang in some Zombie Escape map?
  • ...functional doors can be destroyed in Zombie PvP modes?
  • ...the Blade Runebreaker maximum range more longer than B mode of Magnum Drill?
  • ...Flame Jackhammer, and Battle Ultimax-100 are never released in CSN:Z?
  • ...Blade Runebreaker is listed in CSN:Z's strings three times before its actual released?
  • ...CSN:Z is often used to tease other region's content by releasing nearly similar weapons?
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