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Zombie I Set: Terrifying Terror (Indonesia) or Fear Terminator (Singapore/Malaysia) was one of the zombie sets exclusive to Zombie: The Mutation, Zombie: The Hero and Zombie: The Union. It cannot be used in other modes.


This set was removed after the Free Update patch, as now the zombies and items become default in all player's inventories.

When using this set, the player can do the Deadly Shot ability to zombies as a human. The Deadly Shot ability can only be used once in a round with the key 5 (in the Singapore/Malaysia version) or 6 (in the Indonesian version) on the keyboard. When used, the amount of damage done by the user's weapon will be increased to as high as the amount of damage a headshot gives (by the same weapon). This means that any body part of a zombie that is hit by the players weapon will inflict damage as high as a headshot. It is essential in dealing emergency situations such as when the zombies are about to penetrate the humans camp.

When the player turns into a zombie, the player can become a Deimos which can emit a shock wave that can knock away the targeted humans weapon. This ability can be used again after 5 seconds.

Tips Using Deadly Shot[]

  • Use it when there are a lot of zombies in front of you and in places such as ducts for maximum performance.
  • Also,use it when zombies are about to penetrate the Humans camp.
  • It is advisable to use this ability with a machine gun (MG3 or M134 Minigun for example) so as to maximize damage output.
  • Target regular zombies due to their very little amount of HP.
  • Use this ability when there are multiple zombies in the vents/ducts.

Release date[]


This set was released alongside the Inferno map and other zombie sets on 8 March 2012 sold with cash points.

This set can be obtained for free for 1 day during the event from 8 to 21 March 2012.


20 November 2013 alongside Zombie: The Hero, Double Barrel, Criss and Yuri.