• I actually don't know how it work. I constaintly got kick out after few day without reason. When I join again today before when home and I got a ban when I check Discord. I don't know what is ban reason either. I got a warnning about Auction one week ago (I don't even send anything there) which is the only thing I think about my ban.

    I did read the rules and I only see the "3 days no active = kick" but I check really frequent. Do I have to chat to prevent being kick/ban?

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    • Yes, you muwt actively participate in the chat. We prune every few days, after 3 prunes we start banning the people who continually rejoin.

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    • Celena Luna
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      19:59, November 13, 2019
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    • What is the point of kicking people for not being active?

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    • Nhattminhh wrote:
      What is the point of kicking people for not being active?

      It's a community. There is nothing there for people who don't interact with the server.

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    • Is there a cap of how many people you can have or something? 

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    • I Didn't see the link anymore, maybe you can send one to make me The Forbidden Kid Return, I Didn't Inactive

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    • A FANDOM user
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