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BuffThunder Ghost Walker is a Transcendence grade pistol in Counter-Strike Online.


This item can be obtained from Premium Top 50 Decoder.

It is equipped with an optical transparency system as a one-shot pistol that is used by loading one 50-caliber special shot. When Ghost Walker disappears from sight, an invisible fear begins.

Details: Forms a magnetic field around the impact point that slows the movement speed of nearby enemies. You can enter or exit invisibility with right-click. Ghost shot triggered in transparent mode is judged to be a head shot when hit.


  • Fatal damage
  • Has invisibility feature
  • Very accurate
  • Light weight
  • High stun power
  • Has a splash zone
  • Increased speed while invisible
  • Very easy to headshot
  • Can affect multiple zombies at once


  • Limited access using stealth mode
  • Relies on its invisibility although its defense is not nearly as great as Gunslinger
  • Single shot mechanism
  • No knockback power
  • Hardly obtainable from Premium Decoder

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 7 March 2019.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 12 March 2019.
  • China & Indonesia: 13 March 2019.
  • CSN:Z: 3 April 2019.


  • Treat this pistol as a sniper rifle.
  • Invisibility on this weapon is even greater than Light's skill so it's almost impossible to be recognized in ghost form.
  • The damage is increased(actually it deals headshot damage like deadly shot skill) if you fire in stealth mode but it will consume 10 stealth ammo.
  • The stealth mode can lasts up to 10 seconds. It's cancel-able and you are able to resume. It has 100 Stealth ammo and each second in stealth mode will consume 10 ammo.
  • Your movement speed also will be increased in stealth mode. Take advantage of it to escape from surrounding zombies or to launch a surprise attack at an enemy.
  • This weapon unlike Thunderbolt, Black Dragon Cannon and others is single-shot which means you must reload the weapon otherwise switching to primary or melee is not going to replenish the weapon's ammo.
  • The stealth mode can easily runs dry and the ammo can only be refilled by re-buying the weapon, so use it wisely.
  • Due to very high stun power, it is recommended to pair it with primary and melee weapons with tremendous damage such as Magnum Launcher, Gungnir, Holy Sword Divine Order for best output.


  • There's a 3x probability increase for Premium Top 50 Decoder and Premium Unlimited Top 50 Decoder during its debut.
  • In Indonesia/Singapore/Malaysia/CSNZ, it has Confirmed Payment event where a user can get a free Thunder Ghost Walker when spending 210 Premium Top 50 Decoders or 35 Premium Unlimited Top 50 Decoder


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