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Timed Bomb is an event-based item in Counter-Strike Online.


The Time Bomb is given day by day during event, 1 unit per day. The players must complete 60 minutes of gameplay (requires 4 players and above in a room) to obtain this item and log in game on the next day to open it. This item is said to explode and distribute a random prize.

You will get one of these items if the bomb succeeded to explode:


27 August ~ 10 September 2013
Timed Bomb items
M249red gfxM249 Red (Permanent) Ak47redAK-47 Red (Permanent)
SpeedzombieLight zombie (Permanent) NatashasprayNatasha spray (Permanent)
JennifersprayJennifer spray (Permanent) Other weapons (Duration)

28 August ~ 11 September 2013
Timed Bomb items
AwpcamoAWP Camouflage (Permanent) Ak47redAK-47 Red (Permanent)
Marine ForceMarine Force (Permanent) SpeedzombieLight zombie (Permanent)

7 May ~ 20 May 2015
Timed Bomb items
1 ~ 60 day(s) TAR-21, Luger P08, HK G11, VSK-94, TRG-42, Wakizashi, King Cobra, M60E4, AW50, Double-barreled shotgun, Hunting Dagger, Blaser R93 Tactical
1 unit Game Points Coupon Level 2, Game Points Coupon Level 3, Experience Coupon Level 2, Experience Coupon Level 3, Big Emergency Medicine, 10-Day Durability, 30-Day Durability

In Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, the player only needs to login on the next day. No 60 minutes required.

The prizes that the player may get:

  • 10,000 Game Points
  • A-Grade Blueprint x3
  • Mileage Decoder x1
  • Mileage Decoder x 5
  • Mileage Decoder x 10
  • Mileage Decoder x 50



  • For Vietnam region, it requires 90 minutes of gameplay instead of 60.