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A strong heavy armor soldier has appeared. Try to keep your eyes on them as your number one priority

Titan is a heavily-armored minigunner from the Vanguard troop which appears in Human Scenario mode.


Tall and armored soldiers armed with an M134 Minigun and Smoke grenade. They are hard to be killed and easily recognized due to their blue Armor. They will throw Smoke grenade to his position to cover their movement and their teammate's movements. The Titan has 1500 health points and is hard to be eliminated. His minigun is very deadly and can kill the victim in just several continuous shots.


M134 gfx Smokegrenade gfx

Tips defeating Titan[]

Weapons Base damage Fusillade Clip size Shots taken to kill
Sg550 gfx 61 83% 30 25
G3sg1 icon 70 83% 20 20
Wa2000 96 69% 12 16
Awp 100 26% 10 15
At4ex 300 27% 1 5
Barrett m95 500 24% 5 2-3
At4 1000 27% 1 2
  • Avoid his minigun shots as it deals high damage.
  • When he is throwing a smoke grenade, that's the sign of him having a low health power.
  • Never stand in front of a Titan.
  • Barrett M95 is the best gun to finish a titan, as 2 bullets are enough to kill a titan on the head.


Daily mission[]

Appointer Title Task Reward
Victor Defeat Titan Eliminate 5 Titans in any Human Scenario map within a 24-hour period. Random: Combat Blueprint [C] or Level 1 Experience coupon or Level 1 Game Points Coupon



  • On Titan's backpack, there is an 'MK247' writing.
  • Titans never reload their miniguns.
  • This is the unit with the slowest movement among other Vanguard troops.