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Token is an event in Counter-Strike Online.


During the event period, tokens are acquired through the following experience acquisition routes and can be compensated according to cumulative tokens.

Method of obtaining daily event experience:

  • Route 1: Kill 3/6/9 zombies in Zombie Hero and Zombie Z to get a coin.
  • Route 2: Play for 30 minutes to get a token
  • Route 3: Clear All-Out 3 times to get a coin each.

A maximum number of 84 tokens can be obtained throughout the event. The token number and rewards can be divided into levels:

Level Tokens Reward
1 4 tokens Event Rewards Box
2 12 tokens Event Rewards Box
3 32 tokens Event Rewards Box
4 36 tokens Blood Dripper/Ripper/Gáe Bolg (Selective, permanent)
5 44 tokens Event Rewards Box
6 56 tokens Event Rewards Box
7 60 tokens Python Desperado/Stun Rifle/Red Dragon Cannon (Selective, permanent)
8 68 tokens Event Rewards Box
9 80 tokens Event Rewards Box
10 84 tokens Buffakpre6saleBuffm4pre6sale
(Selective, 6 months. For CSN:Z, both are obtained for permanent duration. Includes duplicate Level 7 reward.)

Event Reward Box[]


The content is Event Reward Box is as follows. It may contain weapons of 1/7/14 days or permanent version at very low chance.