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PlayroomTraining Ground, formerly known as Play Room and Hide-Out is a Sandbox mode in Counter-Strike Online.


In this mode players can test the performance of weapons against AI zombies in various situation using the terminals in the first room.

Players can also use their various decoders in the next room. Should they obtain weapons that are displayed on the display stand, other players are able to use the item by interacting with it, and the winner of the said item will also earn additional mileage.

March 2024 Update[]

Improved convenience
  • You can purchase weapons anywhere by pressing the B key.
  • You can summon targets anywhere by pressing the V key, and bot movements have also been added.
  • Unnecessary objects on the map have been removed and movement paths have been improved to make it more convenient.
  • Added functions:
    • You can perform a parts/enhancement test by holding a part/enhance-able weapon and pressing the P key.
    • The structure of popular maps has been added to the hideout map.

August 2021 Update[]

Hideout Improvement
  • The hideout mode is changed to Zombie Z Base.
  • Updates have been made such as the capture function, weapon command help, and space expansion.

November 2018 Update[]

Zombie Scenario Addition
  • Added a scenario damage measurement playroom that is different from existing zombie hero damage playroom.
  • Can spawn bosses to test damage.
Decoder Room Improvements
  • Added the option to buy decoder directly in the room.
  • The decoder has the same price as in the lobby store.
  • Possible to purchase decoders bundle.
  • Addition of the analyzer viewing system.
  • You can see the screen of other carts that use public decoders.
Other Improvements
  • Added Deadly Shot DPS measurement.
  • Morale boost level can be adjusted.

Release date[]

  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 23 May 2017.
  • South Korea: 1 June 2017.
  • Indonesia/CSN:Z: 11 October 2017.




  • When any displayed weapons are obtained from any decoders, firecracker explosions can be seen on the weapon.
  • Before the November 2018 Update, the Zombie Scenario room doors were inaccessible. If the player looked through, as a spectator, it could see a Teddy Terror boss. A video can be watched here.