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Buff The Transcendent Weapons is a weapon grade in Counter-Strike Online. They are the next generation of extra ordinary weapons that overcome its limit to help humanity in the battlefied


Transcendent Weapons are the first sign of the presence of extraordinary forces around the world, as the weapon technology are increasingly advanced from time to time. It is becoming a sensitive topic for humanity, as nobody would know how they're going to be made or used, when the secret about those tools are finally unveiled, a new era of so called fiction begins and blend over reality, how those thing greatly affect the users body without having the struggle need to control them properly like ordinary weapons, some people will find it very interesting to use, but some people as well as going against it as those weapons greatly affected the future of human history, when those weapons increases in number, the weapon standard slowly changes overtime although there are people who still value the old existing weapons before all those super weapons are made.

Other than granting humans super stregnth and devastating power, those weapons also come with many other styles and abilities following the concept of how they are made, combining with the weapon RnD advancements, more and more of those weapons are made with even more convenient features, allow all kinds including a common human to get their hands on those tools and fight to protect themselves.


Main article: AK-47 Paladin

A special assault rifle chambered with 50 rounds of .50 BMG that can push away incoming zombies. It can be fired either in full or semi-automatic. The semi-auto mode comes with a splash damage.

Main article: M4A1 Dark Knight

A special assault rifle chambered with 50 rounds of .50 BMG. Its secondary fire mode focuses on penetration and fire powers.

Main article: AWP Elven Ranger

A sniper rifle fed with 20 rounds of .338 Lapua Magnum specially designed to battle against the zombies. By zooming in, the user can charge up the shots to deal higher damage.

Main article: Warhammer Storm Giant

A giant two-handed hammer that contains an ancient tribe of giants' immense power. By holding this hammer, this power is transferred into the owner. Draw and combination attacks are available.

Main article: Desert Eagle Crimson Hunter

This is a 30-round .45 ACP fed pistol with the peculiar quirk of draining the blood of its target which is put together within a orbuculum or grenade, after successfully landing a predetermined number of shots on a target. The impact of the grenade wreaks dreadful harm and knockback to its surroundings.

Main article: SG552 Lycanthrope

A special assault rifle chambered with 50 rounds of .50 BMG that deals devastating damage to zombies. Equipped with a sniper scope to have better accuracy at killing the target as well as damage boost.

Main article: Blade Runebreaker

Bearing the mysterious power of an ancient people, and protected by runes, this blade is so outstandingly sharp it can even split boulders apart. It also has the ability to radiate powerful blade strikers.

Main article: Python Desperado

This is the modified version of Colt Python with 7 rounds of .44 Fast Draw each. This revolver uses special magnum bullets that are quickly fired by fanning the hammer. It is automatically loaded when you draw the other hand pistol.

Main article: AUG Guardian

This is an assault rifle fed with 50 rounds of .50 BMG specialized in high accuracy and deadly damage. It causes great damage to zombies and has zoom function enabled for more accurate shooting.

Main article: Dual Sword Phantom Slayer

These dual swords were infused with the absolute power of the gatekeepers of heaven and hell in order to destroy the corruptive evil that blights the world. If the special trigger conditions are met, the feast unfolds.

Main article: Magnum Drill

The golden edition of the Magnum Drill. Its stats are the same as +6 Magnum Drill Chimera. It can pour 50 rounds of 4-gauge shotgun shells, or use the giant drill to penetrate and crush enemies. Notify crosshair if successful blow.

Main article: Dual Beretta Gunslinger

A pair of automatic pistols given to those chosen as protectors of justice. They use 36 rounds of .44 Magnum special ammunition.

They perfectly complement a combination of martial arts and shooting technique, taking out enemies at any distance swiftly and efficiently.

Main article: Transcendent Red Dragon Cannon Gold

An upgraded gold version of Red Dragon Cannon that can shoot a load of fire in a short range. It can unleash a robotic gold dragon that breathes a stream of fire for 9 seconds. Hit marker shows up upon successful hit.

Main article: M3 Black Dragon

An 8-round 12-gauge-pump-action shotgun that loads an exploding dragon shell after connecting with 8 shots.

Main article: M249 Phoenix

A special machine gun that holds 100 rounds of .50 calliber special ammunition, which is effective against zombies and has great battle sustainability due to its generous magzine capacity. This gun also able to fire rounds down range with considerable accuracy thanks to its 2nd phase zoom.

Main article: Holy Sword Divine Order

A legendary sword that can only be wielded by those chosen as guardians. It lays low the forces of evil with its holy power

The sword is strengthened by striking evil beings, and its <Holy Guard> and <Holy Smite> skills are strengthened as well.

Main article: M95 White Tiger

This Transcendence Sniper Rilfe is filled with a spirit of the white tiger that stalks the battlefield. Ten hits with this weapon summons the white tiger itself

Main article: Trinity Grenade

Becomes invisible to enemies after attaching to the first point of impact, and activates the Motion Detection System.

Explosion mode choices: <Flame>, <Lightning>, <Brust>

Main article: Thunder Ghost Walker

A single-shot pistol loaded with a single .50 caliber special round fitted with an optical transparency system. When Ghost Walker disappears from sight, an invisible fear begins.

Main article: Infinity Laser Fist

It is a specially small laser machine gun designed to be mounted directly on the arm to secure maneuverability with strong firepower. Is equipped with infinite energy generation device and it is possible to sustain energy charge attack.

Main article: X-TRACKER
A cutting-edge assault rifle fitted with the TRACKER Missile System. It can lock onto enemies and fire up to 10 micro-missiles, destroying the target.

Main article: Hellhound
A special, military-grade drone that utilizes the top-of-the-line Hologram AR System. Independently guards all directions near its user and automatically opens fire when it identifies an enemy. Left-click to deploy or recall the drone. Right-click to command the drone to self-destruct.

Lightning fury
Main article: Lightning Fury
This weapon generates a powerful electric storm. It fires a powerful short-range electric shock and activates an electric field that surrounds its user. After a certain number of shots, it builds up a charge to let you use the jet pack up to 2 times.

Main article: Psychic Harmonium
A weapon that produces powerful sound waves. Developed by Gunsmith with technology obtained from the laboratory discovered during the Lost City incident, it fires powerful sonic shots and can release a sonic boom in all directions. Two special attacks, Allegro and Fortissimo, are available. Private Erica increases the power of this weapon.

Main article: Inferno Cannon
A shotgun that rapidly fires 45 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun ammo. Its special feature, Infernal Flame, allows it to shoot fireballs.

Blade Frostbreaker
Main article: Blade Frostbreaker
A blade that retains the mysterious powers of the ancients, and has the ability to amplify the sharpness and power that can also split the glacier due to frost protection, and to emit a powerful sword.

Main article: Eternity Laser Fist
This is a specially manufactured small laser machine gun designed to be mounted directly on the arm to secure maneuverability with strong firepower. It is equipped with an infinite energy generating device, so it is possible to continuously charge energy. It has a two-stage charging function, and more powerful attacks are possible with additional charging after the first charging.

Main article: Negev NG-7 Ajax
150 rounds 7.62mm machine gun that uses bullets that deal fatal damage to zombies. You can block the movement of enemies or defend against a ranged attack by using a shield that incorporates technology from another world.

Demonic scarlet rose
Main article: Demonic Scarlet Rose
A lance-shaped weapon made by Medea. It changes into a rose flower in full bloom, and various attacks are possible.

Main article: Thunder Force
It is a weapon made of a lightweight alloy made by a private optical weapon research laboratory that studies induction emission optical amplification technology. It has the function of automatically attacking enemies with infinitely generated energy bolts.

Main article: Satellite Mine
This is a special mine equipped with state-of-the-art satellite guided bombing technology. It can independently search for nearby enemies and activate them or detonate them. When activated, a special area that reduces the movement of nearby enemies is activated. Inflicts a special laser bombardment that does not inflict damage.

Main article: Blue Storm
A weapon capable of generating a powerful electromagnetic storm, and it generates an electric field surrounding itself by emitting a powerful electric shock toward the front. You can use the jet pack by charging energy when shooting more than a certain amount (maximum 2 times).

Main article: M2HB Devastator
A heavy machine gun that fires incendiary .50 BMG, fed from a large backpack reservoir. After a certain amount of time, a missile launcher is activated that fires penetrating missiles that pull enemies in.

Main article: Astra
A weapon specialized for hunting zombies produced by the Aegis Lab. After the projectile flies through a certain distance, it returns to the user again. At this time, if the Astra is holding, the bullet is recovered, but if it is blocked by an obstacle, the bullet is destroyed. Projectiles can be fired one more time before being retrieved. If the attack hits with a head shot, it changes to a special state and inflicts a powerful attack on the enemy's head and also deals damage to enemies within a certain range.

Link:SG552 Cerberus
Main article: SG552 Cerberus
As an assault rifle that uses 50 rounds of .50 caliber special bullets, it can inflict effective damage to zombies. When shooting in the 2nd mode, an additional attack that sharply scratches the first hit occurs, inflicting damage to all enemies to the left and right of the target.

Main article: Failnaught

The Failnaught that uses 150 holy arrows automatically aims at enemies within a certain range near the aim when shooting with the basic shot. Stacks and inflicts additional damage at each stack. When stacked 5 times, damage is transferred to nearby enemies and the mark is reset. Charging fire is possible by right-clicking.

Basic shooting's automatic aiming and stacking effects do not activate in certain modes (Zombie/Human Scenario, New Zombie Shelter, Zombie Giant).

Main article: FN57 Laevatein
A pistol that uses 50 5.7×28mm explosive rounds and explodes when it hits the target. A special function is activated when shooting more than a certain number of times.

Link:Psychic Sizer
Main article: Psychic Sizer
This is a customized weapon of Psychic Harmonium, a sonic weapon produced by Gunsmith. It can use sonic shot attack using sonic energy and sonic pulse, which is an all-round attack, and combines special commands. By doing so, new and powerful potentials can be used.

Main article: SKULL-T9

The latest SKULL-9 model equipped with a high-density fusion energy release system.

Release energy by right-clicking once fully charged.

Link:Whip Sword
Main article: Whip Sword

A sword made of smaller sword parts linked together in the form of a whip, increasing weapon attack speed and range.

It has numerous attack combo that connect one attack to another, making it a versatile weapon for the battlefield.

Link:Death Eater
Main article: Death Eater
A shotgun developed with alien technology that can hit nearby targets with its basic attacks. Its special attack, Hyper Beam, deals damage to enemies in front of the shooter.

Main article: Hauteclere
An awe-inspiring sword of steel, gold, and crystal. It's Special Feature is Blade Tempest, which creates a portal that continuously summons and propels swords forward.

link:Twin Hawk
Main article: Twin Hawk
A weapon that has been modified to be worn on both arms by miniaturizing a missile launcher. Basic shots recharge energy, and when a certain amount is accumulated, it becomes <enhanced> and increases attack power.

Main article: Hecate II Umbra
This powerful bolt action sniper rifle is chambered for 20 rounds of .50 BMG and is possessed by the specter of a prolific special force member from the past. The specter appears in the form of a shadow soldier as you defeat enemies, firing with a pinpoint precision before vanishing.

Link:Laser Ripper
Main article: Laser Ripper
The Ripper has been upgraded with a laser cutter than can cleave through foes.

Link:Gigantic Drill
Main article: Gigantic Drill
A customizable weapon for the Magnum Drill. It pours out 50 4-gauge shotgun bullets or pierces and crushes the enemy using the 2nd mode giant drill. Equipped as a main weapon, the knockback effect is in Zombie and Scenario modes only.

Main article: Cousteau
A futuristic sentry gun that lands in a stealth state once thrown, and automatically attacks any enemies it detects with its sensors.

Link:Tyrant Mace
Main article: Tyrant Mace
A mace imbued with the power of an ice tyrant. The energy of the tyrant is gathered according to the passage of time or the damage done to the enemy, and when all the energy is gathered, it can be used to inflict ruthless attacks on the enemies in front.

Link:Demolition Hammer
Main article: Demolition Hammer
A melee weapon created with Aegis Institute technology. As a huge two-handed hammer, you can feel its heaviness just by holding it. When the gauge is charged, you can perform a powerful slam attack and a follow-up hits using iron poles.

Main article: M3 Azhi Dahaka
A shotgun imbued with the soul of a demonic dragon. Its basic attack is accompanied by dragon breath, which can be used to unleash a <Dragon Burst> on a marked target, and <Dragon Rising>, which summons the dragon to fight alongside you.

Main article: Drakar-III
A tactical rifle that uses 60 rounds of 5.56mm bullets and feels the Viking's energy. Its performance has been improved compared to the Drakar-II. The gauge is charged by hitting an enemy, and when the gauge is maxed out, the weapon level increases when reloading, and the gauge increases. If it is insufficient, the level decreases. Weapon performance changes depending on the level up to level 3, and when reloading, you can use special bullets to inflict damage to enemies within the range for a certain period of time.

link:Photon Launcher
Main article: Photon Launcher
This is a pump action shotgun that uses 30 rounds of 12 gauge made with otherworldly technology that creates a photon sphere at the location where the special ammunition exploded, allows indirect hit on enemies in the photon sphere with a normal attack.

link:Hyper Gaebolg
Main article: Hyper Gaebolg
This is the modified version of Gae Bolg with some of the leaked initial technology applied. In zombie mode, the basic attack has a guidance function and a function to charge and inflict large damage has been added.

link:M134 Minigun Umbrag
Main article: M134 Minigun Umbra
This is a powerful minigun that fires 300 rounds of 7.62mm bullets and is possessed by the specter of a prolific special force member from the past. The specter appears in the form of a shadow soldier as you defeat enemies, firing with a pinpoint precision before vanishing.

Transcendent Classes[]


  • All of the weapons from this series are based off of fantasy creatures and professions.
  • All weapon icons from this series used to have a unique solid background. The background was later removed due to the update of weapon grades, given a specific background color for easier recognition.
  • This series is also known as the 'Buff Series' due to many of its members offering gameplay-enhancing buffs.
  • These weapons have hit-markers (except melee variants), which allow the users to know if they are hitting a target in any game mode. Note that the hit-markers are available in Basic mode for all weapons.
  • This is the first series to bestow a number of buffs to the owner, and even the rest of the players within a room, albeit just a small share for the latter.
  • The buff effects are not stacked if the player owns more than one primary weapon from this series.
  • Players who possess the weapons and classes from this series will have an icon displayed next to their nicknames as well as the room name to notify the others with an exception to melee and secondary variants.
    • Placing the mouse onto this icon will show their buffed weapon (Primary weapons only, with some weapons excluded) and classes in possession.
  • During the first release, AK-47 Paladin and M4A1 Dark Knight were obtainable after collecting 888 Transcendence Pieces. (except Indonesia, which was released in Transcendence Decoder).
  • Almost half of the weapons from this series cannot undergo Premium Weapon Enhancement.
  • Dual Sword Phantom Slayer and Dual Beretta Gunslinger are the first weapons in this series to have an applicable special paint, which also shares the same paint with Magnum Launcher.
  • So far, M3 Black Dragon and Thunder Ghost Walker are the only elevated Transcendent weapons from another game entirely, being from Counter-Strike Online 2.
  • Infinity Laser Fist is the first submachine gun under Transcendence Series.
  • Thunder Force is the first weapon selled together with an Epic Weapon, Divine Blaster.