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Transcendent Welfares is an events allows you to claim some Transcendent Weapons that is meant to be given for free in Counter-Strike Online.


Transcendent Welfare Weapon event allows you to own specific Transcendent Weapons throughout event participation such as gameplay

  • Upon log in, you will get said Transcendent Welfare Weapons for 15 days
  • 3 or more players are required to participate
  • Transcendent Welfare material in event will be given when you reach 30 minutes of game access during the event period, and increases amount each day (Up to 7).
  • Collect 300 of its materials (open 300 Sonya's secret box for SG552 Cerberus) to obtain said Transcendent Welfare permanently
  • Collection procedure:
  • In zombie mode, each time a total of 8 kill points are achieved by scoring kills or assist as a human or infecting a human as a zombie (Excluding bots) = 1x Transcendent Welfare Weapon material, up to 16 per day.
  • Kill a zombie as a human: 3 points  (excluding bots), Zombie kill assist as a huma : 1 point  (excluding bots), Infect humans with zombies: 4 points  (excluding bots), Assist in infecting humans with zombies:  no points
  • Achieve 100 kills in Zombie Scenario mode at Hard or higher difficulty and cleared within 5 minutes or more = 2x Transcendent Welfare Weapon material, up to 16 per day
  • Explore new game content or reaching specific playtime (40/60 minutes), 4x Transcendent Welfare Weapon material, up to 4 per day.

List of Transcendent Welfares[]

Magnum Shooter
Magnum Shooter is a modified weapon that increases the magazine capacity and increases the automatic generation of special bullets. Destroys all enemies in front by pouring out 30 rounds of 4-gauge shotgun bullets or firing missiles in secondary mode.
Special function Sgmissileex desc Materials required Sgmissilebullet
SG552 Cerberus
A special assault rifle that holds 50 rounds of .50 caliber special ammunition, perfect for use against zombies. When you fire beyond a certain number of rounds, the rifle's secondary mode becomes available. Firing in secondary mode triggers an additional attack : a big swipe at the first target hit, inflicting damage to the target and all enemies to the left and right.
Special function Buffsg552ex desc Materials required Buffsg552ex box
The latest SKULL-9 model equipped with a high-density fusion energy release system. Release energy by right-clicking once fully charged.
Special function Skullt9 desc Materials required Skull9ex piece
Laser Ripper
Chainsawex The Ripper has been upgraded with a laser cutter than can cleave through foes.
Special function Chainsawex desc Materials required Chainsawexpiece
Twin Hawk
Rocketpistol A weapon that has been modified to be worn on both arms by miniaturizing a missile launcher. Basic shots recharge energy, and when a certain amount is accumulated, it becomes <enhanced> and increases attack power.
Special function Rocketpistol desc Materials required Rocketpistolpiece
Demolition Hammer
Demolition hammer A melee weapon for close combat made using the technology of the Aegis Research Lab. As a huge two-handed hammer, you can feel its heaviness just by holding it. When the gauge is recharged, a powerful slashing attack and follow-up hits using a steel poles are possible.
Special function Dvhammer-desc Materials required Demolition cores
Hyper Gaebolg
Hyper gaebolg Hyper Gaebolg, which has some of the leaked initial technology applied, has a guidance function in the basic attack in zombie mode and a function to charge and inflict great damage has been added.
Special function Speargunex Materials required 6940049224801246440
Wind Walker
Accelerator (2) Wind Walker, A secondary weapon that uses 40 throwing blades. You can throw those blades and inflict damage in an area at the hit location, or in a shortened front range.
Special Function Accelerator (1) (1) Materials required 6940049224801247960

Special Transcendent Weapon Box[]


For Find the Zombies event, You can select one of these following Transcendent Welfare Weapons:

CS Welcome Box[]


For new and returning players only, this box is obtained after reaching 7 days milestone of event completion, you can select one of these following Transcendent Welfare Weapons:


  • Most of these Transcendent Welfares are variants from known existing weapons
  • SG552 Cerberus is the only weapon that require the use of Sonya's Secret Box in order to obtain it
  • Shortly after these welfare weapons released, they will eventually added to Epic Fragment shop events as well as Special Transcendent Weapon Box in Find the Zombies event
  • All of the Transcendent Welfare weapons are NOT available on Transcendent Pass, instead, they are in Epic Pass