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For original version, see Twin Shadow Axes.

Twin Light Axes is an Epic grade melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


Powerful twin axes imbued with the strength of a mighty war lord. Allows the wielder to use a combo attack that connects the twin axes together. Grants two special skills that summon the war lord: Light Slam and Light Vortex.

  • Combo Attack: Activates upon inputting commands for <Quick Cut x1> <Horizontal Cut x2>.

Special Feature[]

  • Light Slam: Activates if you aim the crosshairs at an enemy while pressing the <Reload> key when Twin Light Axes are in the burning state.
  • Light Vortex: Activates at the crosshairs location if you press the <Reload> key while holding down <left-click> when Twin Light Axes are in the burning state.
  • Invincibility effect on special feature does not apply in non-zombie modes.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 5 October 2023.
  • CSNS: 17 October 2023

Twin Light Axes Blueprint[]


The blueprint of the axes can only purchased by Twin Shadow Axes or Twin Light Axes owners (Permanent).

  • You can only purchase once per account.
  • Can only be used during the event period.
  • If not used after event ended, the item will be force to used.
  • You can only craft once per account.



  • Unlike the Twin Shadow Axes, the design of this weapon does not based on any real life myths, even the summoned war lord does not refer to any known figure.
  • There is a bug that the burning effect will abrnomally affect Twin Shadow Axes upon switching, when rebuy to Twin Light Axes afterwards, the burning effect wont work
  • The burning effect on axes blade will eventually disappear if you keep it idle for few minutes, however, the sound remains unaffected
  • A white lion figure can be seen crafted on the axes blade.
  • This weapon lacks one idle animation that the Twin Shadow Axes originally had.
  • The War Lord when summoned, is completely visible and disappear instantly after summon ended, unlike Twin Shadow Axes General who is only half visible and fades when summon ends