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Tyrant or Brutus (in CSN:S) is a zombie type in Counter-Strike Online.


This zombie class is exclusive to Zombie 5: Rise.

Tyrant is a modified human with the Z-VIRUS, after a mutated sample from the Tyrant Crab alongside Arachne. He is able to throw Hound zombie and do a charge attack that is immune to stun and knockback, because of that, he also immune to weapons with special abnormal status (move slow/stop, attack/skill seal).

Tyrant is only available in Zombie Rise mode, after a zombie collects enough S-VIRUS to evolve into either Arachne or Tyrant.


Skill Name Description
Dog Shoot Throw the Hound Fires a cocoon in the aimed direction. From a cocoon that falls on the ground, a hunting dog infected with a zombie virus appears and attacks a nearby human. It dies after a certain time has elapsed or all its health is exhausted."
Rush Furious Charge Dash forward at a fast pace. Catch the first hit enemy, move them together, and then knock back the hit enemy. If you hit or attack a terrain or friend, the dash ends, and enemies within range are aired. It creates a floating shock wave.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 23 July 2020.
  • CSN:S: 5 August 2020.



  • Its armor resembles Tyrant Crab's and Axion's armor.
  • It has only host model.