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Tyrant or Brutus (in CSN:S) is a zombie type in Counter-Strike Online.


This zombie class is exclusive to Zombie 5: Rise.

Tyrant is a modified human with the Z-VIRUS, after a mutated sample from the Tyrant Crab alongside Arachne. He is able to throw Hound zombie and do a charge attack that is immune to stun and knockback, because of that, Barrett M95 White Tiger nets and Hellhound's stun power are pretty much ineffective against him.

Tyrant is only available in Zombie Rise mode, after a zombie collects enough S-VIRUS to evolve into either Arachne or Tyrant.


Skill Name Description
Dog Shoot Throw the Hound Fires a cocoon in the aimed direction. From a cocoon that falls on the ground, a hunting dog infected with a zombie virus appears and attacks a nearby human. It dies after a certain time has elapsed or all its health is exhausted."
Rush Furious Charge Dash forward at a fast pace. Catch the first hit enemy, move them together, and then knock back the hit enemy. If you hit or attack a terrain or friend, the dash ends, and enemies within range are aired. It creates a floating shock wave.

Release date

  • South Korea: 23 July 2020.
  • CSN:S: 5 August 2020.



  • Its armor resembles Tyrant Crab's and Axion's armor.
  • It has only host model.