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Tyrant Crab is the boss in Episode Lucia.


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One of the infected crab that lurking inside the ship with Zombie contained cargoes, the reason of its mutation is suspected on the use of Phobos' DNA that made its size even larger than a usual grown crab.

Kill reward[]

Tyrant Crab Back Costume


Tyrant Crab that will prevent any attack. When equipped, the user will have Kevlar upgraded to Level 3 in Zombie Scenario.



  • Avoid getting too close with the close as the poison may hurt you. The boss can also crush the players if located nearby, which causes instant death.
  • When it climbs and stay on the ceiling, shoot the legs to take it down.
  • The weak point is the chest area .When it is dropped from the ceiling, it will be overturned for several seconds. Use strong weapons to shoot it on the chest to reduce its HP fast.


  • The model of Tyrant Crab is probably inspired or edited from the existing "Gonarch", headcrab queen from Half-Life.