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UI Renewal is a system reboot in Counter-Strike Online and Counter-Strike Online 2.


This update will arrive somewhere in July in CSO Korea.



Counter-Strike Online 2's game lobby and various UIs have been newly renewed.

Menu 1[]

  • Easy game start: By selecting the mode you want to play, you can search and enter the game conveniently.
  • Pre-Season: Classic Mission class, Team Deathmatch is available for regular matches.
  • Custom game: You can create your own room, or check the list of rooms created to enter the game.

Menu 2[]

  • My Information: You can check the status of your game usage such as total/achievement/collection book.
  • Campaigns: Learn how to play the game easily.
  • Mission: A boss who can earn various rewards. Daily missions or events can be checked.
  • Stores: You can buy various items that are currently sold.
  • License: Various firearms can be checked and licensed.
  • Combination: You can acquire various items by combining firearms and various items.
  • Broadcast: You can watch the classic Mission class in progress.
  • Clan: You can see the generated clan list and your own clan information.
  • Warehouse: You can use random boxes and coin items.