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Upcoming Threat or An Approaching Threat (zs_dronefactory) is the first chapter of Zombie Scenario: Season 8 in Counter-Strike Online.


David Black and Erica decide to create a new team after hearing the truth from Gerard. They leave to find the person who demolished the Rex Labs in the past, agreeing to add them to the team. The clues lead them to a defunct munitions factory. David tries to enter the factory to see what's left inside, but as Erica's pain returns, they decide to lay low and get some rest. However, Douglas, who has been tracking the two, orders a group of hunters to finish them once and for all...


  • Reach the target location while avoiding the enemy ambush.


  • Progress through the game based on the information marked on the map.
  • You can activate objectives by pressing the E key in areas marked with an E.
  • Structures that glow red can be destroyed in order to progress.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 10 February 2022.
  • CSNS: 23 February 2022.


Factory freight train control room
Davidblack msg
Jpngirl01 msg
  • David Black: Erica, how are you feeling?
  • Erica: Resting really helped with the pain. I'm feeling much better.
  • David Black: That's good to hear. Let's move before the pain comes back.
  • Erica: Yes sir! Do you think we'll be able to persuade our target?
  • David Black: Of course! They managed to demolish the Rex Laboratory after all...
  • David Black: They'll want to join us.
Factory freight train platform trigger 1
  • Erica: Zombies!
  • David Black: I see them. Let's get out of here!
  • Erica: The train platform entrance is blocked.
  • David Black: The power's out.
  • David Black: I'll need to find the power switch.
ZS 8-1 cutscene line
Ritsuka2 msg
  • Ritsuka: You little rats!
  • Ritsuka: Today is the day
  • Ritsuka: that I exterminate every last one of you!
  • Ritsuka: Drop a crane on those pests so they can't get away!
  • RPG!
  • Ritsuka: Squirm all you want; you're trapped, you rats!
  • Ritsuka: It's finally time to end all of this!
  • Ritsuka: Agent H!
  • Ritsuka: Go wild!
End cutscene
  • David Black: Damn it! How did Ritsuka find us?!
  • Erica: All the pathways are blocked!
  • David Black: We're completely surrounded...
  • David Black: We'll need to find another path by removing the blockage.
Container opening
  • Erica: There's a side road near the wall.
  • David Black: Good. We'll make it there by crawling if need be.
Safe Zone 2
  • Erica: Whew... We almost got trapped between the train tracks.
  • David Black: That was a close call. That ambush came from nowhere...
Communication tower trigger
  • Erica: I see a communications tower!
  • David Black: That means there's a communications hub somewhere nearby!
  • David Black: I can contact Dr. Soi for reinforcements.
Communication tower control room
  • David Black: I found the communications controls.
Communication tower operation
Victor msg
  • David Black: It's working. What was Dr. Soi's emergency frequency again?
  • David Black: *Zzzt* This is David Black. Come in, over. *Zzzt*
  • Victor: *Zzzt* David Black?! It's good to hear from you. This is Commander Victor. *Zzzt*
  • Victor: Is something wrong? You've contacted us with the emergency frequency, over.
  • David Black: General Victor! We've been ambushed. Requesting backup, over.
  • Victor: An ambush? Hang in there. We'll figure something out, over.
Trigger the timer
  • Victor: *Zzzt* David. We're hacking the factory doors right now, so hang on, over!
  • David Black: There's nothing else we can do. We need to hold on!
  • Erica: I'm doing my best!
  • Victor: Let me share some good news. Reinforcements will arrive at your position soon, over.
  • David Black: Reinforcements? It's about time, over.
  • Victor: I'm sending a friend of mine that worked with me on past operations, over.
  • Victor: It looks like they were tracking down facilities associated with Kronos.
  • Victor: We're almost done hacking the factory door. See you soon, over.
  • David Black: I'll be looking forward to it, over.
Safe Zone 3
Dominique msg
Alin msg
  • Dominique: Are you alright? I'm Dominique.
  • David Black: Are you the person Victor mentioned...?
  • Dominique: Yes. I used to work with General Victor.
  • Erica: Wait... The person next to you... seems familiar...
  • Alin: You recognized me! I'm Alin!
  • Erica: You mean the idol, Alin?! Why are you here...?
  • Dominique: We should hold the pleasantries for later.
Trigger inside the drone factory
  • Dominique: I think the factory's automated security blew out the fuse.
  • Erica: So... What do we do now?
  • Dominique: There should be a fuse somewhere nearby.
  • Alin: Sounds good! Let's look for it!
Trigger inside the drone factory
  • David Black: Victor tells me you were tracking down Kronos facilities?
  • Dominique: Alin and I are victims of the Super Solider Project.
  • Dominique: I've been tracking down any remaining Kronos facilities
  • Dominique: so that we can give them some pay back.
  • Erica: Victims of the Super Soldier Project...
  • David Black: You two must have been through a lot.
  • Alin: In order to prevent any more victims like us being created,
  • Alin: we've been working to destroy any Kronos facilities we could find.
  • Alin: All to expose Kronos and reveal the truth.
  • Dominique: This place is dangerous... We should keep moving.
Drone factory exit trigger
  • Dominique: Just a bit further and we'll be outside the factory.
  • David Black: Erica, how are you doing?
  • Alin: She doesn't look good...
  • Erica: I can still make it! Let's keep moving!
Intermediate trigger
  • Ritsuka: You are a persistent bunch, I'll give you that.
  • Ritsuka: But this Super Soldier will end all of you, right here!
  • Alin: W-what is that?!
  • David Black: A Super Soldier. Douglas's very own human weapon...
  • Alin: Super Solider? Douglas?
  • David Black: We can talk after we defeat that thing.
Mediation processing
  • Erica: It got away.
  • Dominique: So, what is a Super Solider and who's Douglas?
  • David Black: Jacob Douglas is the man who's the real master of Kronos.
  • David Black: The Super Soldier Project was executed under his orders
  • David Black: and Erica here is a victim of that project, just like you two.
  • Alin: Absolutely unforgivable!
  • Alin: I'll bring this Douglas person to justice if it's the last thing I do!
  • Dominique: First, we need to get out of here.
Boss death
  • Ritsuka: You! Worthless! Piece! Of Junk! I told Douglas I could get this done!
  • Ritsuka: All units fall back!
  • Erica: Whew... They all retreated.
  • Erica: Now we need to find out where the person who blew up the Rex Laboratory is.
  • Dominique: Blew up the Rex Laboratory? I've heard of that rumor before...
  • Alin: You might be able to find something out from the Queen's Mercenary group!
  • Alin: We'll take you to them!



  • This is the second map after Rendezvous that introduced new transcendent characters before their sale debut.
  • This chapter only uses one BSP map instead of two, unlike previous chapters.
  • Some parts of this map resembles Questionable Ethics from Half-Life.
  • This is the first map to have a talking NPC cutscene.