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Urban Assault (br_urban) is a Battle Rush map in Counter-Strike Online.


Some Terrorist's former leader who is a condemned criminal has been used as an experiment object in a special Research Institute. CT Force will perform a mission to transfer the Condemned Criminal to other area. TR Force obtained the information and they will perform an Ambush Operation by blocking the transfer route and rescue the leader.


Counter-Terrorist: Destroy any obstacles that block the way and convey the Transport Car until it reaches the destination.

Terrorist: Rescue the leader by dismantling the entire bondage devices that attached on the car.


  • There are 2 Mounted machine guns that can be used in this map.
  • If both team collect 2.500 kill points by both players, 3 super bots called as Commandos will appear in each team. Use this opportunity to defeat the enemy. Also, beware of Commando's deadly grenades, as a direct hit will finish a player.
  • Use Sprint ability when crossing the road and to prevent being attacked from enemies.
  • Terrorists need to unchain two locks (each 8 seconds, 10 seconds if  CT force has destroyed 1 barrier, 15 seconds if CT force has destroyed 2 barriers).
  • Counter Terrorists need to explode 3 barriers by using C4.
  • Use Smoke grenade when you are approaching the Transport Car [TR]/Barriers [CT] to prevent attacks from enemies & bots.
  • Make sure to keep one or two CT players around the convoy to make an immediate convoy move as the convoy won't move without any CT players nearby (Approximately 5 meters from vehicle).



This map was released alongside HK G11 on:

  • South Korea: 3 January 2013.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 9 January 2013.
  • China: 9 January 2013.
  • Japan: 16 January  2013.
  • Indonesia: 3 July 2013.
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 17 July 2013.
  • Turkey: 11 June 2014.

This map was released alongside Open Beta Test on:

  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.



  • Opposing to Bomb defuse mode, the Counter-Terrorists must plant the C4 instead of the Terrorists.