aka Hung

  • I live in Ho Chi Minh City
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

First introduction

Hello,everyone! I'm CaptainBlackpearl. I'm from Viet Nam and I'm a CSO player.

I play both CSO Taiwan/Hong Kong and Malaysia/Singapore.

Nick name:

  • AthenaGodofwar(Malaysia/Singapore)
  • FinalWaves(Taiwan/Hong Kong) and (CSNZ)

My current level:45(Malaysia/Singapore)(defunct), 98(Taiwan/Hong Kong) and 40 (CSNZ)

Main mode:Scenario(human and zombie),zombie mod(2,3),Gun death match,team death match

I'm in clan AETeaMVN(SEA) and (Taiwan/Hong Kong), TaskForce(CSNZ) I also play CSO Vietnam but now I stopped

Nice to meet you bro.




  • CSO
  • Left 4 dead(1 and 2)
  • FIFA
  • AVA


  • One direction
  • West Life


  • Resident Evil
  • Pirates of Carribean
  • Men In Black
  • Marvel's films
  • Dark Shadow

TV shows

  • The walking dead

My account's CSO items

CSO SEA(defunct)

Balrog1 USP Veteran Busp45

BalrogXI M1887 8 Dbarrel gfx Tbarrel M1887gold gfx

Mp5 MP5 Veteran Icon vector cso Dualkriss

Icon xm8 cso Icon scar cso Bfamas Bgalil M14ebr 8 Balrog5 M4a1gold

Icon sl8 cso M95 xmas Skull5

K3 Bqbb95 Hk23g Mg36xmas

Balrog9 Katana Katanad Bhdagger Combatknife gfx

Cannon Zsnathalicense Origin

Untitled Chngirl01 Alice2

Coscatpelvis Coscathead

Ritsuka spray Wc13spraywide

CSO Taiwan/Hong Kong

Althought I began to play CSO Taiwan/Hong Kong more lately than CSO SEA,this is still my main server now

Waterpistol Monkeywpnset2 Dartgun Sapientia Cyclone Infinityex2 gfx Skull2 M950attack M950 8 Balrog1 Specialduckfootgun Bloodhunter

Mk3a1se Batista BalrogXI Blockas UTS15 Pink Gold Gatling Usas12camo Railcannon

Dualuzi Newcomen Tempestsmg Sterlingbayonet

Thanatos5 Ethereal Oicw Plasma Blockar gfx Advancedcrossbow Sfgun Compound Bow Sg552buff M4a1darkknight M4a1darknight2 Ak47paladin Ak47paladin2

Awpz Bandita Savery rifle icon Destroyer icon Lightningrail Thunderbolt

Mg3holy Coilmg Monkeywpnset1 Laserminigun Thanatos7 Blockmg Avalanche

Horseaxe Papin Ironfan Monkeywpnset3 Vulcanus9 Dragonsword Thanatos9 Buffmelee2 Runeblade

Holybomb FG-Launcher Petrol boomer Railbuster Cannonm Chainsawm Cannon Chainsaw Speargun Bloodlust MagnumDrill Reddragoncannon Airburster gfx Plasma grenade Zsnathalicense Origin Janus11coupon Janus3coupon

Lingling Jennifer gfx Fernando Gerrard Soy Ritsuka icon Choijiyoon Arin Pirategirl2 Choijiyoon2 Thief Police Alice2 Vngirl icon Buffclassa Buffclassb

Except Fernando and Soy,all characters in above list are obtained by code box(that mean I hardly ever spend money buying characters. Surprisingly! ^_^ )

Costume mask Indian headdress Indian shield Indian face Costume shield

Sdlgtzbspray01 Sdhvyzbspray01 Crissspray Ritsuka spray Natashaspray All about lovin 'you paint Sdpczbspray01 Sdpczbspray02 Wc14spray


Dualinfinity gfx Infinityex2 gfx Infinityex1 gfx Waterpistol M1911a1 Luger 8 Icon anaconda cso Sapientia Catapult

Balrog11 blue M1887 8 M1887gold gfx Mk3a1 Uts15 8

Icon vector cso Thompson 8

M4a1darkknight Arx160 8 Stg44 8 G11 8 Skull4 Oicw Bfamas Bgalil Galil maverick Plasma Groza 8 Stg44g M14ebrgold M14ebr 8 Crossbow gfx

As50g M95 8 Wa2000g Xm2010 8 M82 8 Pgm As50 8 Wa2000 8 Sl8g

Pkm 8 PKM gold edition Hk23 8 MG36G M249ex gfx M60 8 M60e4g Coilmg Mk48 8 Mg3 8

Bhdagger Tomahawk Combatknife gfx Balrog9 blue Thanatos9 Snake sword Horseaxe Hzknife

Jennifer gfx Natasha icon Blair Fernando Arin

Account information

2016 0709 1744 10 0
2016 0709 1743 56 0


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