aka tuanpingas

  • I live in Vietnam
  • I was born on October 10
  • I am Male

I'm a long time League of Legends & Counter-Strike gamer. I've been playing CS 1.6 for 10 years and CSO for 6 years. After the closure of SG/MY servers, I switched to Vietnamese one and found it easier to play since it's my native language. Unfortunately it was closed in August 15, 2016. Now I mostly spend my time on either LoL, CS 1.6 or CSGO, but I still look up CSO news and updates.

My weapons lists

CSO Singapore/Malaysia (Closed)

Dualinfinity gfx Infinityex1 gfx Luger Balrog1 Kingcobra Deserteagleg Deautomag Musket

M1887gold gfx Tbarrel BalrogXI Spas12 Icon usas cso

Tmpdragon MP5 Tiger P90lapin Icon vector cso Skull3 Needler Balrog5

Famasl85a2 M4a1hk416 M4a1gold M4a1scope icon M16a1 Ak47gold gfx F2000 gfx M14ebrgold Tar21 icon Ethereal G11 Stg44 Groza Xm2010 Awpr93 Galilfnc As50 M95 gfx Icon sl8 cso Vsk94

Hk23 gfx M60 Mg3 M134 xmas M249ex gfx Skull8

Balisong icon Axe Katana

At4ex Cannon

CSO Vietnam (Closed)

Icon anaconda cso Balrog1 Deserteagleg Musket Infinity silver icon Dualinfinity gfx Kingcobra KingCobraGold Luger M950 6 Skull1 Sapientia M79 icon M79 gold Monkeywpnset2 Tactical knife

BalrogXI Dbarrel gfx Dbarrelg Uts15 8 Janus11 Ksg12 Ksg12g gfx Thanatos11 Railcannon Icon usas cso Skul 11 copy Spas12 Spas12ex Spas12Cobra Maverick spas12 Gatling Icon m1887 cso M1887gold gfx

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