I am DickyF my Actual Username is Ritsukazed I always Play CSN:S. Ritsuka Is the Main Picture In My Profile. Ritsukazed is My Main Username in Every Game. I have 2 Youtube Channels: Stickman and Gaming which the Gaming Channel is mostly featured Counter Strike Nexon: Studio.


Born at 18 February 2004, I Know CSO In 2013 When my Sister Play it, Then I Played it but My PC Had a Problem So I Stopped Playing and Played it again at 2015 in My Friend's House but I Soon Being Hypnotized with Other games and Even Mobile games. In August 2018, I'm Recovered my Memory About CSO Then I Played it Again Until It's Closure on 1 August 2019. Then I Play CSN:S For The Rest Of My Life.

Favorite Character List:

  • Ritsuka: The Hottest Girl ever and She's almost Naked due to her Bandage as her Outfit.
  • Ghost Bride Ritsuka: Her Halloween Costume since She Embarrassed with her Bandage Outfit.

My Setup:

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