Cso2 0066

Hello, This is Lovethecreeper! (Hestia/UkrainianSSR/Glory To The Kaiser/ Long Live The Kaiser/ Shithead/Reddlover/Philolover/Witchlover/KitLover/RebornLover/LoverLover/Devin :v

Current CSN:Z Level: 64 or sumthing

Join Date: March 15 2015

Last Recorded Level Up: 12/1/2016

Out of all of my weapons, the Bendita is my favrouite, using it quite a bit. I also use Thunderbolt as another sniper rilfe. my favrouite assault rifle is my ARX-160 with my favrouite smg being the Kriss. My favrouite pistol is a tie between the Dual Infinity Final and Cyclone

Favorite weapons per mode

Zombie Hero: Bendita

Zombie Mutant: Bendita

Zombie Original: Bendita or M134 Predator

Zombie Giant: AS50 or Bendita

Zombie Scenario: BALROG XI

Team Deathmatch: +6 ARX-160

Classic: M4A1

Basic: AS50 or Bendita

My favorite pages

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