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CSO Updates - 24th March 2016

CSO Updates - 24th March 2016

Counter-Strike Online versions that I currently play

  • Counter-Strike Online(Korea)
  • Counter-Strike Online 2(Korea)
  • Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies(Steam)

Records videos on new contents whenever they're released. 

A fan of First-Person Shooters. MMORPGs make me yawn. DoTA/ LoL/ HoN are not my cup of tea.

The ideal weapons to own for Zombie Modes/ Zombie Scenarios

"Golden" collections

  • Request for thunderstrike at middle
  • Now that's what I call a BIG gun
  • Forgot the grenade left in my pocket.
  • He asked for it...
  • Reading the ingredients on the label
  • So I heard it's your birthday today
  • So that's how zombies reproduce...
  • That human's a SPY!
  • Spotcheck
  • Bringing my favorite gun back to spawn
  • How to fire your M4A1
  • Invisible weapon for invisible enemies. Splendid.
  • Sir, I think you must have left your... oh
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