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I'm still keeping this pic because I still prefer the buff background

Welcome, Anonymous, to my profile

Just a brief welcome in languages I understand (I'm still learning Korean)

  • 내 카스온라인팬덤불로그에 오신 것을 환영합니다
  • 歡迎來到我的絕對武力 Fandom 部落格。
  • ようこそ 私のカウンターストライクオンライン Fandom ページ。
  • Finally... Welcome to my CSO Fandom page

​​​​​​CSNZ Profile

If you wanna add me on steam, send a request and message me of who you are.

Most used Classes in both CT & TR

Sonya iconElizabeth crimson hunter icon Dorothy iconFlora icon Rose phoenixAxion AetherisMedea Kal-elBuffclass19s3ct iconBuffclass19s3tr iconCyborg LeechangYeongshinTrainer ericaInstructor gerardQueenLisa icon Mila iconChngirl01 icon

Best Classes I own

Sonya icon Buffcjy Buffclassfernando Dorothy icon AetherisKal-el Buffclass19s3ct icon CyborgIsabelle Lisa icon Dominic Chngirl01 icon YeongshinInstructor gerard 707

Elizabeth crimson hunter icon Buffyuri Buffclassblair Flora iconAxionMedea Buffclasspirategirlicon Rose phoenixBuffclass19s3tr iconQueen RinglingLeechangTrainer erica Mila icon Arin

Classes I want (If they are actually gonna add it)

Twctclass icon Twtrclass icon Saf

OP weapon

BuffgungnirBuffdreadnovaBuffheavensplitter Buffvoidpistol

Buff Weapons in CSN:Z

Buffm4tw 6Buffaktw 6Buffsg552enhBuffawpBuffaugBuffm249 

BuffM3BloodhunterenhPythonDesperado 6BuffthunderpistolBuffm95XtrackerGunslingerLaserfistPianogun

Non-Buff Weapons

Speargun 6Cannonex 6Cannonenh Spsmg 6Savery 6Bendita 6Sfsniper 6Guillotine 6Kronos11StarchaserSRStarchaserARBouncerSterlingbayonetStunrifleKronos3  Skull5paintbloodBalrog11paintpoison Balrog11 blueSkull2 Gunkatam Kronos7BigsharkShining heart rod M95tigermSgmissilemSgmissile M1887gs

MG3s I own (As in it is not available in the Top 50 Decoder)

Mg3koreaMg3taiwan Mg3chinaMg3canada Mg3japanMg3 8 Mg3gsGolden MG3

Primary Weapons I want

N/A as of now

Secondary I want

N/A as of now

Melee weapons I own

Holysword Holyswordpaint19s2ct RunebladeenhBuffmelee DualswordphantomslayerHellfire sword IronfanDragonsword 6 Arm TorchSkullaxe gfx

Melee(s) I want

N/A as of now

Zombie Scenario Mode Tip for Hard 9 Double Gate

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