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* My IGN: YanShuChi
* My IGN: YanShuChi
* Family: BloodyRose
* Family: BloodyRose
* IG Level: 763 (95%)
* IG Level: 768 (95%)
*Honour Points: 530 (Purple)
*Honour Points: 640 (Purple)
*Honour Badge: Season 3 Conqueror (Rainbow Trail)
*Honour Badge: Doppelganger (was part of the Doppelganger Army in CSOW Discord)
*[[Manner]]: Best
*[[Manner]]: Best

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I'm still keeping this pic because I still prefer the buff background

Welcome, Anonymous, to my profile

Just a brief welcome in languages I understand (I'm still Learning Korean)

  • 내 카스온라인팬덤불로그에 오신 것을 환영합니다
  • 歡迎來到我的絕對武力 Fandom 部落格。
  • ようこそ 私のカウンターストライクオンライン Fandom ページ。
  • Finally... Welcome to my CSO Fandom page

​​​​​​CSNZ Profile

  • Steam Name: 슈가TW龍 (Add me if you want to)
  • My IGN: YanShuChi
  • Family: BloodyRose
  • IG Level: 768 (95%)
  • Honour Points: 640 (Purple)
  • Honour Badge: Doppelganger (was part of the Doppelganger Army in CSOW Discord)
  • Manner: Best

If you wanna add me on steam, send a request and message me of who you are.

Most used Classes in both CT & TR

Sonya icon.png Elizabeth crimson hunter icon.png Dorothy icon.png Flora icon.png Rose phoenix.pngAxion.png Aetheris.pngMedea.png Kal-el.pngLisa icon.png Mila icon.png Chngirl01 icon.png

Best Classes I own

Sonya icon.png Buffcjy.png Buffclassfernando.png Dorothy icon.png Aetheris.pngKal-el.png Isabelle.png Lisa icon.png Dominic.png Chngirl01 icon.png Criss icon.png 707.png

Elizabeth crimson hunter icon.png Buffyuri.png Buffclassblair.png Flora icon.pngAxion.pngMedea.png Buffclasspirategirlicon.png Rose phoenix.png Ringling.png Mila icon.png Arin.png Michaela.png Yuri buyicon.png

Classes I want (If they are actually gonna add it)

Twctclass icon.png Twtrclass icon.png Saf.png

OP weapon


Buff Weapons in CSN:Z

Buffm4tw 6.pngBuffaktw 6.pngBuffsg552enh.pngBuffawp.pngBuffaug.pngBuffm249.png 

BuffM3.pngBloodhunterenh.pngPythonDesperado 6.pngBuffthunderpistol.pngBuffm95.pngXtracker.png

Non-Buff Weapons

Sgdrill 6.png Speargun 6.png

Cannonex 6.pngCannonenh.png Spsmg 6.pngSavery 6.png

Bendita 6.pngSfsniper 6.pngGatlingenh.pngGuillotine 6.pngChainsaw 6.pngKronos11.pngInfinityex2 gfx.png 19s1infinityex2.png M950 8.png 19s1m950.png StarchaserSR.pngStarchaserAR.pngBouncer.pngSterlingbayonet.pngStunrifle.pngKronos3.png  Crow11.pngTURBULENT-11.png Luger ex.pngBfnp45.pngSkull5paintblood.pngBalrog11paintpoison.png Balrog11 blue.pngSkull2.png Gunkatam.png Kronos7.png

Bigshark.pngShining heart rod.png

10th Anniversary Weapon Box weapons I own 

ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But these are the ones I use the most



MG3s I own (As in it is not available in the Top 50 Decoder)

Mg3korea.pngMg3taiwan.png Mg3china.pngMg3canada.png Mg3japan.pngMg3 8.png Mg3gs.pngGolden MG3.png

Primary Weapons I want


Secondary I want

Gunslinger.png -> can try to get it but probably will not be able to get it by the end of the event

Melee weapons I own

Holysword.png Holyswordpaint19s2ct.png Runebladeenh.pngBuffmelee.png Dualswordphantomslayer.pngHellfire sword.png Ironfan.pngDragonsword 6.png Arm Torch.pngSkullaxe gfx.png

Melee(s) I want

N/A as of now

Zombie Scenario Mode Tip for Hard 9 Double Gate

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