Game Account Registration

Register your game account at this page and follow the instructions.

  • What's the PIN number used for ?
  • PIN number is used for account password reset, etc.

Counter-Strike Online Client Software

  1. Download at
  2. Choose the Full Client
  3. If you can't access the link, try one of the following steps :
    1. Download from mirror server, or
    2. Connect a VPN server and try to download again.

VPN Configurations

If you live ...

VPN service is not needed.

If you're lucky enough, VPN service is not needed.

Megaxus probably is using inefficient firewall configs to block certain IP ranges.

If you're blocked, follow this steps :

  • Download, Install and Run OpenVPN client software. Click this picture to access the download page.Go to OpenVPN download page
  • Create a Singapore VPN access account. Click this picture to access the vpn account creation page.Go to VPN Server
  • Download the OpenVPN Config file and extract the .zip file into %ProgramFiles%\OpenVPN\config
  • At OpenVPN icon at taskbar, right-click to open menu and click "Connect".
  • Enter the account credentials that you've created. Then, click "OK".