It was a long way up but we are finally here. I'm so glad that i passed so many things and I had so many feelings. I will always try to do my best!

This year, a game made me to think about my future. I didn't belive that first time but, yeah, it's true! :D. I just entered this brand new world. And from now I'm open hearted! I know, I've got a long way to go...But I, I'm just getting started :).

It's not totally about me. 2 BIG persons had to pass BIG emotions. @Redd and @ACPIHungaristEX. I'm very proud of them. They did their best. They represented CSN:Z in a BIG Global Showcase. Ralsei , IS LIVIN' HIS DREAM; he will be a GM soon. How does this sound? He will be my Star/Model forever. So much work in a game but i'm sure he can do it! Congratulations!

About WORK...i got a chance to know a very good person. His name is ConTraZVII . If you are reading this, thank you so much for the opportunity you gave me to test a lot of maps. I created with him even maps from other games. So much fun! If you ever need my help again, I'm just where you need me ;D.

SUGATWDragon I will always be THANKFUL for your help. Creating a CSO Taiwan/Hong Kong account it's harder than i knew, but moving from a region, where you had a lot of memories, to a new one, is much more difficult. I'm sure Mei wants to see you in real life :).

JiangShiZombie Congratz for your 10k hours in CSN:Z! Go where life takes you! You are a very FUNNY person and someone who can take a challenge to the end. Good job! Don't stop here!

Of course, there are more persons that I didn't mention. All are special for me! Love 'em! <3.

I joined this new team and I'm so happy. A 2nd family <3. I love you all and I'm glad to help with everything.

Players from regions like Singapore/Malaysia were sad before for a game that was shut down but, something special happened... their CSO was re-opened. Suddenly, another one will be closed...Japan, I won't forget you!
All happens so fast...So I'll just be real and let the facts be spoken.

This year was a new start. I'm tryin' my best everytime and I'll be like this forever!

That's all! Thank you so much for paying attention to what I said here. I wish you all, good luck in the next new year.

Merry Christams!, Happy New Year! and be pleased for what you've got :).

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