Date June 2018 – present
Location Steam, YouTube, PornHub, Facebook
Status Ongoing

BalkanElite members & Australopithecus (from Polaczki)
Supported by:
  Polaczki family members
BloodyRose family members
ME2 family members
CSO Wikia Discord server members
Some of TSolitarYKS family members
Old DreamProTeam members
FrenchUnion members
Nexon Korea
Donald Trump
Elon Musk
The legendary CCCPACPIHungary and his team                                

ammaZ (llKINGll)
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Commanders and Leaders

Supreme Leader:

  • DivineXMercury

Co-Supreme Leader:

  • DivineXMars

Second Co-Supreme Leader:

  • DivineXVenus

Third Co-Supreme Leader:

  • ZePyroth

GM Force:

  • [NX]Redd

Seal Knife and Butterfly Knife Masters:

  • XarLiee
  • DivineXEarth
  • InfernalSigns

Grand Marshals:

  • DivineXVestoria
  • DivineXCeres
  • DivineXUranus
  • DivineXNeptune
  • xYaSaKaNi
  • BeCeM
  • Email
  • rearurun
  • Mary89
  • UranianEcl1pse
  • TheEliteProject
  • Commando
  • Hatefvl
  • Marks600
  • Bellcross

Field Marshal on the Moon:

  • spimar


  • Elon Musk

Anonymous Hitman:

  • M̷̬͛̋̿a̶͕͚͓̓͋d̶̘̜̯̟͈̓͒́́̿m̴̜̓̊͒o̶̠̔̎̓͠͝n̴̗͎̞̄͑̏̅k̸͍̍e̴̻̲͖̽̅͛y̸̻̗̤̎̋p̷̯͉̥̏͐͛̚͝i̷̻̊e̸̺͇̻̭̩͒

Lieutenant Generals:

  • Dean AMX
  • Asriel Dreemurr
  • IIDialgaII
  • SUGATWDragon

Military's Allies:

  • Space X

Supreme and Divine Commander:

  • Kim Jong-Un

Additional Supporters:

  • PM48
  • Izanagi
  • KaskaderMike
  • SpaceXSaturn
  • FreakZilla
  • Bismarck
  • DivineXDiversity
  • tonxou


  • novahkiiN
  • EaglesScream
  • Molniy

Total Soldiers:

Total Soldiers:


Casualties and losses

✝ oversea family (disbanded)

✝ Drifters family (disbanded)

✝ spimar (heroically sacrifices himself to blow up the moon base when ammaz's slaves finally enter the moon base)

✝ XiM3oo4 (heroically dies in a kamikaze attack)

✝ MAJOR (retreated)

✝ Izanagi (retreated)

☠ WelcomeToHell's dignity

☠ 1997 (taken out by spimar during moon base fight)

☠ novahkiiN (taken out by spimar during moon base fight)

☠ GrtUn (got sucked into a black hole after being stabbed by BeCeM with a Critical Hit part attached Nata Knife)

☠ sdzaxsd aka BoOOMm (tried to hide in CT Roof in assault, later blocked by Australopithecus and killed by BeCeM, again with his Critical Hit part attached Nata Knife)

☠ IAweSoLo (temporary death, humiliated badly when Xienon35 stabbed him to death with Seal Knife)

The Great War is an ongoing conflict between BalkanElite and ammaZ for LITERALLY nothing.


This conflict has been ongoing since mid June 2018, and escalated when Supreme Leader BiohazardPotato (Superconductor's old name) totally annihilated VevoOr (ammaz's old name) in Italy in order to protect his fellow squad-mate BiohazardBanana (MKAlieZ's old name). Many have supported Biohazard squad, causing them to gain respect much quicker. But sadly every good story comes to an end, just like how forthcoming Phobias and SpaceX team came to an end.

Major Events

11 Jan, 2018: Izanagi retreated.

18 Jun, 2018: MAJOR retreated.

8 Jul, 2018: spimar died a heroic death to prevent ammaZ's slaves from stealing the secret plan that's designed to end it all.

28 Aug, 2018: Bismarck stormed ammaZ off of the CT roof in Assault.

?? ???, ????: MrxMaKaVeLix tried to end the war and succeeded but it only lasted 3 days, his retard friends suddenly started to attack again.

?? ???, ????: MrxMaKaVeLix joined the war again, this time with his "girlfriend" named MrsxMaKaVeLix

2 Nov, 2018: ammaZ called himself stupid in front of 30+ people.

15 Dec, 2018: ammaZ officially became the WORST player ever known to the mankind.

2 Mar, 2019: ammaZ was melted alive by WoongChaN using the secret weapon, Gungnir.

7 Mar, 2019: Diversity mocked ammaZ so bad that he accidentally insulted himself.

16 Mar, 2019: XarLiee and xShowTime exterminated BoOOMm and ammaZ with their trusty seal knives.

24 Mar, 2019: Xienon35 successfully destroyed ammaZ with his trusty seal knife but temporary.

24 Mar, 2019: ammaZ came back with a different account named "Checkme" which later destroyed by XarLiee.

24 Mar, 2019: ammaZ officially admitted that he likes Turkish genitals and he wants to perform fellatio on them in front of 24+ people.

24 Mar, 2019: BoOOMm went crazy and acted like total nuts, failed to kill Australopithecus with hammer but still said classic toxic things in the chat such as "ez hammer hs".

29 Mar, 2019: ammaZ was melted alive by WoongChaN using the secret weapon, Gungnir, again.

31 Mar, 2019: ammaZ proved his intelligence by calling a spectator a coward when they left.

1 Apr, 2019: ammaZ banlisted WoongChaN out of fear.

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