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V-22 Osprey is a boss in Blaze and also a transporting vehicle in many other maps.


Osprey firstly appears as the players' opponent during their ride in a helicopter to Blaze. The players must destroy the Drones that are released by Osprey in order to advance.

In the same mission, after the players have landed and reached the Blaze train, the players must engage another Osprey that is coming to eliminate the players.


Aside from dropping Drones, the Osprey would randomly use its mounted chaingun to attack. However, Drones do more damage than their chaingun, so it is recommended to take out the Drones first.

Minimal Weapons Required[]

Barrett m95 As50 Thunderbolt Awp


Title Description Mission
A medal given to a veteran can attack a key target in the chaos[Osprey Hunter] Gentleman, do you know a method to destroy high-tech weapon? If you are able to stay calm and attack the enemy even with it's concentrated fire, you'll notice that even an astronomical figure price weapon is just a scrap iron for a noob! Available in Pursuit: Blaze map. Defeat Osprey for 100 times.

Other maps[]

Osprey also appears in other maps as an assistant.

  • Dark Snow: Osprey appears to drop bombs after players called for airstrike attack.
  • Toxicity: Osprey appears as a transport at the beginning of the mission.
  • Sidewinder: Osprey appears mostly in the background. In Round 10, an Osprey drops a container with XT-300 Goliath inside to the battlefield then leaves the combat zone.
  • Venice/Rhyzome: Osprey appears as a transport that needs to be called for escape.
  • Contact: Osprey appears as a transport in boss room to rescue the remaining Vanguard troops and Norman. However, it took off before they come in, leaves them to fight with Fallen Titan.
  • Urban Assault: Osprey is seen passing through the sky.
  • Zombie 4: Darkness: Osprey and other helicopters are seen passing through Dark City and Shoreline when the night ends.
  • Envy Mask: Ospreys and other vehicles can be seen around boss arena.
  • New Zombie Shelter: Osprey appears as a transport after the player calls for rescue.
  • Last Ride: Osprey appears as a transport for Soy, Jennifer and their team. The players must defend it from being attacked by Drones and Crono Wing.
  • Second Report: Several Ospreys are seen flying overhead when entering the park.


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