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VIP Golden Eagle Grenade
VIP Golden Eagle Grenade
Cash pointN/A
Game pointN/A
Price in match$300
Used forInjures enemies
Added sinceChina
5 August 2015
South Korea
19 November 2015
System code'

Room restrict limitfragheVIP Golden Eagle Grenade is a special grenade in Counter Strike Online 2.


The VIP Golden Eagle Grenade is an exclusive grenade for VIP system members. It is based on the HE Grenade and shares the same performances.

Release date[]

  • China: 5 August 2015.
  • South Korea: 19 November 2015.



  • There is a crafted golden eagle figure on the top of the grenade.
  • This grenade model is derived from the Mk 2.
  • Non-VIP members could also pick up the grenade if it's dropped on the floor.

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