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EpicVoid Avenger is an Epic grade Pistol in Counter-Strike Online.


A special weapon used by the Overseers, created with otherworldly technology. It can automatically detect and lock onto enemies. Its Void Judgment utilizes charged dark energy to fire a singularity that draws in enemies.


  • The crosshairs light up when you hit your target.
  • Allows for unlimited use of spare ammo in Scenario Mode.
  • Special Feature: Void Judgment: After charging your special attack by hitting enemies, you can right-click to fire a singularity in the direction you're facing which draws in nearby enemies.


  • Void Judgment's effect reaches full potency shortly after being fired.
  • Draws in and damages enemies.
  • Initial Damage: 375 (Zombie), 750 (Scenario)
  • Detonates for additional damage when effect ends.
  • Detonation Damage: 750 (Zombie), 1500 (Scenario)
  • The detection feature does not work in Normal Mode.


  • Automatically detect and shoot enemies within 15m
  • Able to pull zombies together with the Void Judgement skill
  • High damage in Zombie mode


  • Easily run dry
  • Ammo depletes quickly if in affected area big group of targets
  • Available during limited time only
  • Weak in Normal modes

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 9 July 2020
  • TW/HK & China: 15 July 2020
  • CSN:S: 22 July 2020


  • When detecting any enemy nearby, it is not possible to attack enemies in long range as the bullets are coded to attack the nearby enemies.
  • If multiple enemies present nearby, it will shoot more than one bullet at a time and causes high recoil to the user.
  • This weapon can lock up to 10 targets on detected fire.
  • 70 hits are needed to activate the Void Judgment mode.
  • Pay attention to surrounding enviroment before reloading, deploy other auxilary weapon to hold enemies off then take your time to reload.


Shoot sound 1

Shoot sound 2



  • This weapon is designed after Axion, and is his signature weapon.
  • The weapon scanning shot feature is based on Hunter Killer Series weapons as well as the beep sound when it fires a locked on target, however, it has different marking logic that prevent misses upon continuous fire.
  • You can still collect hits to get Void Judgement while using scanning shot on any entities it detected even though it neither hit anything or deal any damage as long as that targeted entity still locked on. However, shooting manually quite away from enemy hitbox might not be able to register somehit to get Void Judgement even if the target took damage due to accuracy spread
  • Void Avenger is the last weapon to be obtained with Epic Fragment alongside Inferno Cannon