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Void Zone or Tracking: Evelynn's Trial B (zs_voidzone) is the second part of Electron, released as the epilogue chapter of Zombie Scenario: Season 7.


In a virtual training place, intensified virtual battle simulation of brave combatants is conducted.


Follow the virtual training course to cope with each situation and reach the final goal point.


  • Proceed through the game through the guide information displayed on the map.
  • [E] is marked If you press the E key at the specified location, the indicated device will operate.
  • The red glowing structure can be destroyed by attack and the game can proceed.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 18 November 2021.
  • CSN:S: 1 December 2021.


Wave 1
Evelyn msg
  • Hello. This is Evelynn.
  • Combatants, did you all get a good rest?
  • Your first battle simulation results are measured at the highest level.
  • You can expect a successful final battle simulation as well.
  • Our researchers are conducting research on mysterious enemy equipment obtained during previous actual battles.
  • Once the research is complete, we expect to be able to apply the research results to our equipment.
  • We look forward to good results in the remaining battle tests.
  • Please do your best. I will always support you.
Wave 2
  • Evelyn: The combat-related part of the test process will be the same as or similar to the previous test.
  • Evelynn: Added test cases per sector to understand how enemy equipment works.
  • Evelynn: If an emergency arises, you just need to respond calmly.
Wave 3
  • Evelynn: This is the end of this test and this virtual combat training is over.
  • Evelynn: Please do your best until the very end.
Wave 4
  • Evelynn: During the test, the system will guide you on the target behavior.
  • Evelynn: Calmly follow the instructions and proceed with the test.
Wave 5
  • Evelynn: Now, combatants, take a look around the area.
  • Evelynn: You must control the devices and proceed to the next path.
  • Evelynn: Activate/remove all controllers marked as target targets, then follow the system's instructions.
Wave 6
  • Evelynn: The device appears to be in an unstable state.
  • Evelynn: Looks like we need more action.
Wave 7
  • Evelynn: Please operate the devices placed on the upper floors as before.
Wave 8
  • Evelynn: It seems to be working fine now.
  • Evelynn: Please move towards the generated rift.
Wave 9
  • Evelynn: We've helped you move faster.
  • Evelynn: It's only possible in simulation, not in real life.
  • Evelynn: The location data of all combatants has been verified correctly.
  • Evelynn: Similarly, in the next section, you can conduct a battle test and activate the controls to move.
Wave 10
  • Evelynn: If we can get normal data, we can help you move as quickly as we do now.
  • Evelynn: However, if there is a problem with the simulation data, please note that the battle data will have no choice but to take precedence.
  • Evelynn: The surrounding trap elements contain randomness in the location data.
  • Evelynn: Pay attention to the obstacles, deal with the boss data and activate the gadgets.
Wave 11
  • Evelynn: There seems to be something wrong with getting location information.
  • Evelynn: Checking...
Wave 12
  • Evelynn: There seems to be a problem with the data for a while. Moving support is temporarily suspended.
  • Evelynn: I would like to ask you to adjust your condition while following the previous test section.
Wave 13
  • Evelynn: Please proceed with caution.
Wave 14
  • Evelynn: Same segment as 1st A exam.
  • Evelynn: The boss data needs to be reanalyzed. Please respond in the same way.
  • Evelynn: We're also analyzing the effects of the gun's explosive power and temperature on the cracks, so we hope this works.
Wave 15
  • Evelynn: The data analysis is somewhat complete.
  • Evelynn: Let's do the next test.
Wave 16
  • Evelynn: For optimal test results, a response must occur within 45 seconds.
  • Evelynn: Defeat the boss data as soon as possible and activate the devices.
  • Evelynn: The goal is to activate the equipment with full firepower and then move on to the next section.
  • Evelynn: Concentrate as much as possible to secure your target and move to the created rift.
Wave 17
  • Evelynn: We've even got the data of great enthusiasm.
  • Evelynn: The test results are positive, which will be of great help to the development of the lab in the future.
  • Evelynn: We congratulate all of our fighters for valiantly taking the test to secure data.
  • Evelynn: The second large boss, Megalodon, will end all trials with data acquisition.
  • Evelynn: Please disable the security system and proceed to the next step.