Room restrict limitknifeThe Wakizashi (わきざし Wakizashi, lit. "Short sword", "Side-inserted sword") is a melee weapon available in Counter-Strike Online.


A Japanese sword made for quick slash tackle. It has become renowned for its sharpness, compactness and strength. By using the Wakizashi, you can attack several enemies at a same time with its secondary slash.

Wakizashi can be upgraded to Dual Wakizashi during the Wakizashi Upgrade event.


  • High damage
  • High rate of slash
  • Longer attack range than normal melee weapons
  • Able to kill multiple enemies in secondary slash
  • Available for most modes


  • Has attack delay in secondary slash
  • Purchasable with cash points only
  • Long attack delay if primary slash missed
  • Heavier than regular melee weapons


  • Aim for the head and control your distances between you and your enemies is the key to master the Wakizashi.
  • Wakizashi's primary slash's range is further but weaker than the secondary slash and can only damage a single enemy.
  • Wakizashi's secondary slash is stronger and able to damage multiple enemies but has shorter range than the primary slash.
  • Unlike Dual Wakizashi, it has attack delay if primary slash missed
  • Recommended for Knife Battles and Zombie Scenario.

  • When chased by the enemy, run backward and use primary attack.
  • Use secondary slash in surprise attacks or when the enemy is not aware of your existence.
  • Keep your range from the short range melee so you can attack enemy but they cannot.
  • Do primary slash on the head or secondary slash on the back for an instant kill.

  • Wakizashi's secondary slash can kill multiple enemies.
  • It is the best to use primary slash for rushing or escaping.
  • Do not confront mini-bosses especially with secondary mode unless in dire situation.

  • Skilled players can use this in zombie mods.
  • Primary slash for surprise attack purposes and secondary slash to confront zombies.
  • It is the best to attack zombies with the Wakizashi when they're not aware or when the zombie is weak to lower the chance of being infected.
  • Aim for the head/back to deal massive damage.
  • Combine with high-stun primary and secondary weapons such as XM1014 and Dual Infinity to maximize Wakizashi's abilities.

Release date

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 13 August 2013.
  • Indonesia: 6 November 2013.
  • Turkey: 22 January 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.

Comparison to Dual Wakizashi



  • Faster primary slash
  • Further slash range in primary slash
  • Can attack multiple enemy with secondary slash


  • Purchasable by both teams


  • Shorter slash range in secondary slash
  • Damages a single enemy with primary slash 



  • May: Seen in posters.


Katana draw

Draw sound

Katana stap

Secondary attack sound

Mastercombat hit1

Hit, Stab sound

Mastercombat wall

Wall impact sound

CSO China Katana And Dragon Knife + My Barrack D

CSO China Katana And Dragon Knife + My Barrack D

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  • There is an unused sequence named "stab_miss".
  • It shares the same wall impact and hit sound with the Master Combat knife.
  • There is a bug where you can do a false slash by switching to other weapon while performing the secondary attack.
  • The Wakizashi was used by Japanese samurais as a secondary sword in ancient Japan.
  • According to game files, it's stated as Katana while for the in-game model, it's Wakizashi, noticeable by their length. In most Counter-Strike Online regions, they are stated as Katana except Japan.

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