Weapon Enhancement is an in-game system that allows players to enhance their weapon's stats.



Not all weapons can be enhanced. The ones that are eligible for enhancement have a wrench icon on the up-right corner in their weapon icon. Both permanent and duration weapons can be enhanced but note that when the duration weapon expires, so does the enhancement.

This is a list of weapons that can be enhanced. Weapons listed here that have Gold and Christmas editions are enhanceable as well, though there will be no cosmetic changes.

Note that any enhanceable weapon which is stored in Family storage will not be applied.

Original Skin Expert Edition Master Edition
Luger Luger 6 Luger 8
Kingcobra Kingcobra 6 Kingcobra 8
M950 M950 6 M950 8

Original Skin Expert Edition Master Edition
Icon m1887 cso M1887 6 M1887 8
Ksg12 Ksg12 6 Ksg12 8
Uts15 Uts15 6 Uts15 8

Original Skin Expert Edition Master Edition
Thompson Thompson 6 Thompson 8

Original Skin Expert Edition Master Edition
M14ebr M14ebr 6 M14ebr 8
Stg44 Stg44 6 Stg44 8
G11 G11 6 G11 8
Arx160 Arx160 6 Arx160 8
Groza Groza 6 Groza 8

Original Skin Expert Edition Master Edition
Xm2010 Xm2010 6 Xm2010 8
M82 M82 6 M82 8
Wa2000 Wa2000 6 Wa2000 8
Barrett m95 M95 6 M95 8
As50 As50 6 As50 8

Original Skin Expert Edition Master Edition
K3 Noenchant Noenchant
Hk23 gfx Hk23 6 Hk23 8
M60 M60 6 M60 8
Mk48 Mk48 6 Mk48 8
Pkm Pkm 6 Pkm 8
Mg3 Mg3 6 Mg3 8
M2 icon gfx M2 6 M2 8

Original Skin Expert Edition Master Edition
Rpg7 Rpg7 6 Rpg7 8

Enhancing materials

There are three enhancing materials available:

Main article: Normal Enhancement Kit.

An Enhancement Material for your Weapon Enhancement. You can enhance your weapon up to its Enhancement Attributes Value of 5 by using this material.

  • If you failed to enhance your weapon by using the Normal Enhancement Material, your weapon's current Enhancement Attributes Value could decrease by 1.

Main article: Advanced Enhancement Kit.

An Enhancement Material for your Weapon Enhancement. You can enhance your weapon up to its Enhancement Attributes Value of 8 by using this material.

  • The percentage of this Weapon Enhancement's success rate will be higher than a Normal Enhancement Material.
  • You can obtain a perfect Enhancement Material if you failed to enhance weapon by using the special enhancement material.
  • If you failed to enhance your weapon with the Special Enhancement Material, your weapon's current Enhancement Attributes Value could decrease by 1 after its Enhancement Attributes Value of 6.

Main article: Anti-Enhancement Material.

An Enhancement Material for resetting your Weapon's Enhancement Attributes Value. By using this, you can reset your weapon's Enhancement Attributes Value to 0.

Premium Enhancement

As of 29 December 2016's update in South Korea, some premiums are able to be enhanced. They are:

These weapons can only be enhanced with a special kit. These kits can be obtained by disassembling a permanent premium weapon of the same kind. They are:

This enhancement has no chance of failure. In short, to increase a stat of the premium weapon, you need to disassemble another premium weapon of the same kind to get the kit, then you can enhance its stats. Increasing to +6 requires to disassemble 6 premium weapons of the same kind.

The player can get premium weapons easier than before, by using the new Top 50 Unlimited Decoder or participate in various events, such as Mileage Auction.

Starting Up

To start the process, access Craft section from the the main menu. Select Enhancement tab then start choosing your desired weapon to enhance and an enhancement kit. Click on Start Enhancement and see the results. It has a chance of success, fail or downgrade.

The stats that can be enhanced are:

  • Damage (increase)
  • Accuracy (increase)
  • Recoil (decrease)
  • Weight (decrease)
  • Rate of fire (increase)
  • Magazine size (increase)

With the recent update, players can choose to either automatically enhance their weapon with a type of enhancement kit until it successfully reaches the Master status or proceed with the manual enhancement or until the Enhancement Kit runs out.

When a weapon is enhanced to +6 and +8 attributes, the skin of the weapon will change accordingly. They are known as Expert and Master editions. This cosmetic change does not apply to Gold, Christmas or any other variants of the respective enhanced weapons.

Weapon Accessory

You can get a special accessory once you failed to enhance with the Advanced Enhancement Kit. The type of accessory varies. It could be for Damage, Accuracy, Recoil, Rate of fire, Weight and Magazine size. 

Once you have obtained 30 items of the same type, press the Use button and you will be rewarded with a 100% perfect enhancement kit.

Weapon Titles

When a weapon's statistic reaches a certain enhance point, you will get a title for it. This is the list of titles:

Name Additional conditions Weapons can be acquired
Emperor +5 Damage Luger P08, Winchester M1887, KSG-12, HK 23E, K3HK G11, RPG-7, M2 Browning
Avenger +5 Accuracy ARX-160
Kaiser -5 Recoil Winchester M1887, StG 44, M14 EBR, Barrett M95, AS50, MG3, M60E4, PKM, King Cobra, UTS-15, Walther WA2000, Parker Hale M82, OTs-14 Groza, RPG-7
Berserker +5 Move Speed UTS-15, HK G11, RPG-7, M2 Browning
Conqueror +5 Rate of Fire FN Mk 48, King Cobra
Vanquisher +5 Magazine Size KSG-12, M14 EBR, AS50, Barrett M95, PKM, K3, OTs-14 Groza, Calico M950
Behemoth +3 Damage & +3 Accuracy Luger P08, Thompson M1928, XM2010, StG 44, MG3, HK 23E, ARX-160, King Cobra, HK G11, PKM, Newcomen, Papin
Kraken + 3 Damage & -3 Recoil Luger P08, Winchester M1887, Thompson M1928, StG 44, XM2010, MG3, M60E4, HK 23E, King Cobra, K3, Parker Hale M82, ARX-160, RPG-7, M2 Browning, PKM, Savery
Manticore +3 Damage & +3 Move Speed XM2010, Winchester M1887, MG3, Parker Hale M82, StG 44, HK 23E, RPG-7, M2 Browning, HK G11
Wyvern +3 Damage & +3 Rate of Fire Luger P08, Thompson M1928, XM2010, HK 23E, King Cobra, Parker Hale M82, ARX-160, M60E4, RPG-7, Blade Runebreaker, Green Dragon Blade
Chimera +3 Damage & +3 Magazine Size

Luger P08, KSG-12, XM2010, Parker Hale M82, M60E4, PKM, K3, Crossbow Advanced, Volcano, Desert Eagle Crimson Hunter, SG552 Lycanthrope, Magnum Drill, Thunderbolt, Plasma Gun, Gáe Bolg, Blood Dripper, Ripper, Compound Bow, Bendita, Red Dragon Cannon, M4A1 Dark Knight/Tyrant, AK-47 Paladin/Overlord

Gargoyle +3 Accuracy & -3 Recoil Luger P08, Thompson M1928, StG 44, XM2010, King Cobra, ARX-160, OTs-14 Groza, MG3, Calico M950, PKM
Pegasus +3 Accuracy & +3 Move Speed XM2010, HK 23E, StG 44, MG3, HK G11
Phoenix +3 Accuracy & +3 Rate of Fire Luger P08, Thompson M1928, XM2010, King Cobra, ARX-160, HK 23E, Calico M950
Medusa +3 Accuracy & +3 Magazine Size Luger P08 , XM2010, OTs-14 Groza, Calico M950, PKM
Griffon -3 Recoil & +3 Move Speed Thompson M1928, StG 44, XM2010, Walther WA2000, MG3, UTS-15, Winchester M1887, Barrett M95, Parker Hale M82, RPG-7, M2 Browning
Talos -3 Recoil & +3 Rate of Fire Luger P08, Thompson M1928, XM2010, AS50, Walther WA2000, M60E4, King Cobra, M14 EBR, Parker Hale M82, ARX-160, HK 23E, RPG-7, Calico M950
Argos -3 Recoil & +3 Magazine Size Luger P08, XM2010, AS50, Walther WA2000, Parker Hale M82, K3, M14 EBR, Barrett M95, OTs-14 Groza, M60E4, Calico M950, PKM
Sphinx +3 Move Speed & +3 Rate of Fire XM2010, Walther WA2000, HK 23E, Parker Hale M82, RPG-7
Hydra +3 Move Speed & +3 Magazine Size XM2010, Barrett M95, Walther WA2000, Parker Hale M82
Cerberus +3 Rate of Fire & +3 Magazine Size Luger P08, XM2010, Walther WA2000, Parkerhale M82, M14 EBR, M60E4, Calico M950, AS50


Title Description Task
Gentleman, you need to have at least one weapon for yourself if you are a real soldier. If you can bring a weapon that enhanced by yourself to the battlefield, nothing can beat you. Succeed to enhance weapon for 100 times.

[Mother of Success]

Gentleman, don't be down although you did not succeed to enhance your weapon. A success will be given to you at the end of countless failure. You will succeed tomorrow although you fail to enhance your weapon today. Fail to enhance weapon for 3000 times.

Release Date

  • South Korea: 31 May 2012.
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 19 June 2013.
  • Indonesia: 11 September 2013.
  • Turkey: 19 February 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.


Cso (+8)強化魔鬼上將 by abc091106

Cso (+8)強化魔鬼上將 by abc091106


  • K3 is the only weapon that is not enhanceable to both Expert and Master statuses.
  • In Singapore/Malaysia region, Vanquisher and Manticore were misspelled as 'Banqueser' and 'Menticore' respectively.
  • Sometimes, a frame could be spot of the original weapon's viewmodel that could be seen when switching or picking up any enhanced weapons. This can be easily seen when playing a demo file.
  • Most of Expert editions have color combination of navy blue and green while Master editions have ivory, black, and red for theirs. Some of them have 'Henry Stoner's name etched on their body.
  • In Premium Enhancement, all weapons' color will be changed into Red, Orange, Yellow, and Black after fully enhanced with the exception of the Green Dragon Blade and Red Dragon Cannon.
  • So far, only M4A1 Dark Knight and AK-47 Paladin can not be enhanced right away after the enhancement material are obtainable. The weapons are enhanceable 7 months later, but players can purchase and use the early access ticket to use the enhanced weapon immediately.
    • This feature was firstly introduced with M4A1 Tyrant and AK-47 Overlord in China and Taiwan/Hong Kong region.
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