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Weapon Exchange Coupon is an item in Counter-Strike Online.


Able to exchange with a weapon in Part System. When you collect 100 pieces, you can choose a weapon and exchange it.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 21 February 2019.
  • CSNZ: 20 March 2019.


Weapon Exchange Event

Every day during the event period. Weapon exchange tickets can be exchanged for part weapons in stores.

  • Every 20 minutes game play: 1 unit.
  • Max: 5 units (100 minutes)
  • Max coupon for the whole event: 70 units.

Content (Random):

  • 100 Mileage
  • 500 Mileage
  • 1,000 Mileage
  • Weapons voucher 5x
  • Weapons voucher 10x
  • Weapons voucher 20x
  • Weapons voucher 50x
  • Top 50 Decoder 2x


  • 100 Weapon Exchange Tickets can be exchanged by selecting among the parts weapons that are sold directly in the store. SALES PART Weapon: THANATOS-9, Broad Divine, Attack M950 , Air Buster.
  • Event is only counted in rooms with more than 8 players.