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Month weapon

Weapon of the Month or Month Weapon is a feature in Counter-Strike Online.


As a part of the firearms strengthening project, Aegis Institute will select some random weapons monthly to proceed the experiment. The damage of the selected firearms will be greatly improved.

The month weapons will be highlighted with a blue Weapon of the Month icon in barracks.

Available Modes: Zombie 1: Original, Zombie 2: Mutation, Zombie 3: Hero, Zombie 4: Darkness, Bot Zombie, Zombie Scenario.

Weapon list[]

Month (Korea) Weapon
January 2016 K3
February 2016 Awp
March 2016 M4a1 icon
April 2016 Ak47 icon
May 2016 Scout gfx
June 2016 Sg550 gfx
Month (Korea) Weapon
July 2016 Aug
August 2016 G3sg1 icon
September 2016 Sg552 gfx
October 2016 M249
November 2016 Famas icon
December 2016 Galil icon
New Weapons of the Month
Month Weapon
June 2020 Skull1Skull3

Skull4 Skull5 Skullaxe gfx

Release date[]

  • South Korea, Taiwan/Hong Kong, China & Japan: December 2015.
  • Indonesia: February 2016.
  • CSN:Z: March 2016.