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A weapon is an instrument or device used for many purposes: mostly to harm, damage, destroy or annihilate a target in specific. There are several main weapon types in Counter-Strike Online, Counter-Strike_Nexon:_Studio and Counter-Strike Online 2:

Weapon Info

  • AMMO
  • Accuracy refers to the proximity of two or more measured values (shots) to each other. When aiming at a target, the shot can land three feet to the left each time.
  • Recoil is nothing more than the recoil that the weapon makes when it is fired, that is, it moves by itself thanks to the force of the shot, and thus deflecting your aim if you don't control it.
  • Weight is a statistic that affects how far an enemy will be knocked back when attacked by the player with a weapon.


  • Some weapons have their own misaligned hands or forearms after each sequence completed.
  • Most of non-classic weapons have their view model animated on 'idle' but some only does one loop at a time.
  • Holding default reload button will freeze the view model animation on that last frame of the sequence. (e.g: after the 'draw' animation sequence finishes, it will stay on the last frame of that sequence. This include to any kind of sequence of that weapon)

Counter-Strike Online 2 weapons

Counter-Strike Online weapons