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A weapon is an instrument or device used for many purposes: mostly to harm, damage, destroy or annihilate a target in specific. There are several main weapon types in Counter-Strike Online, Counter-Strike_Nexon:_Studio and Counter-Strike Online 2:

Weapon Info[]


Generally there are three damage types available in the game.

  • Normal mode: Damage to humans
  • Zombie mode: Damage to zombies in Zombie PvP modes
  • Scenario mode: Damage to enemy NPCs in Scenario modes

These damages are further reduced or increased with certain boosters or reducers such as where the the bullet hits (head, chest, gut, leg or hands) and also damage absorption factor, such as for certain zombie types. There are also certain projectiles that ignore these factors.


Accuracy is how accurate the gun when fired from certain range. High accuracy guns tend to get straight in the center of the crosshair while lower accuracy guns have higher spread.


Recoil is how strong the gun kick the screen for every shot. Weapons with high recoil will shake the screen a lot and make it harder to aim.

Rate of fire

Rate of fire is how fast a weapon can be shot. Higher rate of fire will make the gun shoots faster but it will also affect its accuracy and recoil.

Speed reduction

Speed reduction or weight is how heavy a weapon is. The heavier the weapon, the slower the player speed when equipped. Some weapons are lighter than the knife.


Ammo or clip size is the amount of bullets in your weapon clip. If the clip reaches zero, the gun needs to be reloaded and cannot be fired for a while. Some weapons do not have clip and ammo is directly used from the ammo pool.


  • Some weapons have their own misaligned hands or forearms after each sequence completed.
  • Most of non-classic weapons have their view model animated on 'idle' but some only does one loop at a time.
  • Holding default reload button will freeze the view model animation on that last frame of the sequence. For example, after the 'draw' animation sequence finishes, it will stay on the last frame of that sequence. This include to any kind of sequence of that weapon.

Counter-Strike Online 2 weapons[]

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