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Weekly Mission
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Type Mission
Time range Singapore/Malaysia
21 March 2012
Description Achieve the given conditions within a week and can be only completed once a week.

Weekly Mission is similar to Daily Mission, except that it is more Family-oriented.


Weekly Mission consists of four challenges that can only be completed if the player has Family members playing together. A minimum of four family members are needed for zombie-based quests.

Once this quest is done, players can choose either Weekly Random Reward for 7-days classic weapons or maximum 10 days durable goods + normal blueprint coupon or the Weekly Point Reward, which awards redeemers 3000 game points.

This mission will reset every 6 AM Monday the next week, any rewards from completed weekly quests must be redeemed before that time period.


Appointer Name Description Condition
Chen Prove Teamwork I'm aware of your ability, but teamwork is the most important thing in a family battle! You cannot achieve a victory in the family battle even though you performed very well alone! What do you think? If you can prove your family's teamwork to us, our government will evaluate highly on your family! Achieve victory for 7 times in family battle.
Chen Secured Competitiveness Our government needs strong soldiers who can perform any kinds of mission! I want you to prove your ability to perform missions by competing with other team. Don't forget that the government only needs the best team! Achieve victory for 5 times in family battle Team Deathmatch mode.
Rowen Zombie Hunter Recruitment Currently, the damage from zombie virus is spreading badly to all over the world! Our side also tries to secure the supply route, however, we do not have enough expert to deal with the zombies. Therefore, we want your family to help us to kill the zombies! You need to play the game with above 4 members from the same family. A reward that has not received will disappear once you reset. Play Zombie Mods for 5 hours with family members.
Rowen Organize Special Forces We need to stop Dr. Rex from his zombie research, and retrieve his research sample to protect ourselves from the Vanguard's threat! The government organized and sent lots of special force to the site, but that is not enough. We need your family's help, so quickly move to the site with your members now! You need to play the game with above 4 members from the same family. A reward that has not received will disappear once you reset. Play Scenario mode for 5 hours with the family members.

Weekly Mission Prize Reset[]

After the 18 December 2014 update of South Korea, the prizes after completing the Weekly Mission have been changed to: