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Whip Sword is a Transcendent grade melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


This item can be obtained from Transcendence Decoder.

A sword made of smaller sword parts linked together in the form of a whip, increasing weapon attack speed and range.

It has numerous attack combo that connect one attack to another, making it a versatile weapon for the battlefield


  • Very high range for a melee
  • Multiple combo attacks available
  • Has grappling feature
  • Capable of 360 degree attack
  • Secondary type of A mode can push far away zombies


  • Very hard to perform backstabs
  • Low grappling range in normal and scenario modes
  • Grapple also activates when aiming on zombie, so clicking RBM at this time may be fatal.


  • Fall: Consecutive attacks around the area for a certain period of time. Decreases the enemy's movement speed. Activated when <Left Mouse Button> reaches a certain number of consecutive normal attacks.
  • Ascension: Can be used in the state of erosion. Damage to enemies (range) and powerful knockback. Activated by pressing <Right Mouse Button>.
  • Decay: Continuous attacks in front for a certain period of time. Decreases the enemy's movement speed. Activated when a certain number of normal attacks are reached in a row.
  • Heaven: Can be used while being charged. Can only be used when a target is within range. Fly towards target. When the target is recognized and the color of the cross hair is changed, press <Left Mouse Button> to activate.

Release date[]

  • Korea: 21 April 2022.
  • CSN:S: 4 May 2022.



  • Despite being a Transcendent grade weapon, it uses simplified name.
  • The grappling feature is very similar to Snap Blade and Half-Life: Opposing Force's Barnacle Grapple weapon.
  • The base version of this weapon was Serpent Blade, which its name can be easily mistaken to Transcendent variant in Korean if not read carefully.