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Wizard of Oz is a weapon set, based on a children's novel, in Counter-Strike Online.



This set includes Oz Tin Robot Machine Gun, Oz Lion Pistol and Oz Scarecrow Pickaxe.

When a player uses the whole set, he/she will get the following bonus:

  • Oz Tin Robot Machine Gun's maximum round increases to 200 (40 rounds/chamber).
  • Oz Lion Pistol's reload time and damage are enhanced.
  • Oz Scarecrow Pickaxe's speed and damage are greatly increased.

Oz Tin Robot Machine Gun[]

Main Article: Oz Tin Robot Machine Gun.

This is a machine gun fed with 100 rounds of 5.56 NATO allocated in 5 different chambers, resulting in 20 rounds per chamber. When reloading, it is reloaded per chamber and takes 5 seconds to do a full reload. However, the reload can be cancelled, like a regular shotgun, to be fired while reloading. When equipped alongside other Wizard of Oz set:

  • Maximum round increases to 30 per chamber, resulting 150 rounds. (with either Oz Lion Pistol or Oz Scarecrow Pickaxe)
  • Maximum round increases to 40 per chamber, resulting 200 rounds. (whole set)

Oz Lion Pistol[]

Oz Lion Pistol
Main Article: Oz Lion Pistol.

A pistol that is based on the Glock 18 and fed with 25 rounds of 9mm. It can be fired in both semi-automatic and full-autoatic modes. The weapon peformance can be upgraded when equipped with other Wizard of Oz weapons.

  • 2 equipped weapons: the recoil and rate of fire will be enhanced.
  • 3 equipped weapons (whole set): the reload time and damage will be enhanced.

Oz Scarecrow Pickaxe[]

Main Article: Oz Scarecrow Pickaxe.

A scarecrow-shaped pickaxe that turned into a weapon, renovated entirely for swinging purpose. The weapon peformance can be upgraded when equipped with other Wizard of Oz weapons.

  • 2 equipped weapons: the speed and damage are slightly increased.
  • 3 equipped weapons (whole set): the speed and damage are greatly increased.


Honor mission
Title Description Task
A medal awarded to the person who collected all the sets of Wizard of Oz.
Gentlemen, having good weapons will be a more effective survival strategy. Of course, do not forget the fact that skills should be supported! You must own the weapons for unlimited duration. If not, the medal will be removed. Collect all Wizard of Oz weapons for permanent.



  • This set is based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a children's novel written by L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W. W. Denslow.
  • This is the second weapon set which is based on a novel in Counter-Strike Online after the Journey to the West set.

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