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X-TRACKER is a Transcendent assault rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


A special rifle equipped with the advanced Tracker Missile System. This technology enables the bullet to lock onto the enemy in sniper mode, and fire a total of 10 mini guided missiles when leaving sniper mode.


  • Excels in killing individual target.
  • High Damage in Zombie modes.
  • High Accurary and Low Recoil
  • High rate of fire
  • 50 rounds per magazine and quick reload.
  • Allows hit-markers function when aim down sight (ADS).
  • 500 rounds of reserved ammo in zombie modes.


  • Uncancellable missile firing animation, leaving the user vulnerable mean while.
  • Low damage in classic mode, (Team) Death Match modes.
  • Expensive price for an assault rifle
  • Hard to obtain
  • Easily run dry
  • Not suitable for multiple target engagement.
  • Missiles might travel in different directions when locked on a target, result hitting other obstacles.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 5 September 2019.
  • China & TW/HK: 11 September 2019.
  • CSN:Z: 2 October 2019.


  • The Scope UI reports which part of the target the last 10 shots fired hit respectively.
  • The missiles are able to delivery a stream of burst damage, at the user's will, especially when the target's weak spot (i.g head) has been marked by the Tracker system for multiple entries. This can be extremely effective in "last hitting" a zombie and score.
  • When ADS is active, click RMB again will fire all the missiles, followed by a vulnerable animation that cant be cancelled, not even by the shock attack from Deimos. Switching the weapon during ADS is allowed and it will not launch the missiles.
  • It is not recommended to activate the scope unless an enemy has been detected, reason being it limits your HUD and gives you a false scale and sense of distance as well as being difficult to switch back into primary mode.
  • While activating 'Deadly Shot', try to go for several targets then wait until the skill has timed out. Assuming you have Lycanthrope's buff the Deadly Shot skill will come back after 30 seconds, but by hitting those additional enemies and making sure not to kill them, the X-Tracker system would still be able to track those targets in the head essentially giving you a free Deadly Shot.
  • Headshots on this weapon much like Magnum Launcher or Gae Bolg is not 100% dead accurate reason being there is still a small chance that the target would survive the initial impact but would die to an explosion which therefore is not considered a "head-shot" and will also drain your Deadly Shot ability if you have it toggled.

Comparison to[]


  • Cheaper (-$1000)
  • Higher damage
  • Lighter (+4% speed)
  • Same accuracy (90%)
  • Same recoil (6%)
  • Same stun power (61%)
  • Same magazine size (50)
  • Same ammo type (.50 BMG)
  • Same reload time (2.0 seconds)
  • Higher level requirement in Zombie Z (+2)
  • Lower rate of fire (-1%)
  • Lower knockback power (-1%)


  • Lower level requirement in Zombie Z
  • Cheaper (-$3500)
  • Higher damage
  • Lower recoil (-3%)
  • Higher rate of fire (+1%)
  • Stronger stun power (+11%)
  • Shorter reload time (-2.5 seconds)
  • Lighter (-14% speed reduction)
  • Same ammo type (.50 BMG)
  • Lower accuracy (-4%)
  • Lower knockback power (-2%)
  • Smaller magazine size (-50)
  • Available in limited quantity (+2)

Elemental tracker

  • Higher damage (+181)
  • Lighter (-9% weight)
  • Same accuracy (90%)
  • Same recoil (6%)
  • Same rate of fire (91%)
  • Same knockback (61%)
  • Same stun (11%)
  • Same magazine size (50)
  • Same reload time (2.0 seconds)
  • More expensive (+$1000%)
  • Not available for Parts


Shoot sound



  • This weapon is based off of the FN F2000.
  • It is the second primary in the Transcendence Series to not include the original weapon's name in its own name, after Infinity Laser Fist, which is not based off of any weapon.
  • It is the first weapon in-game to have rainbow-colored muzzle flash.
  • The reload animation shared with CHARGER-5