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XT-300 Goliath is a non-player character in Human Scenario mode which appears as a huge robot boss in Sidewinder. It also appears as a ride-able vehicle in Zombie Giant.


The Goliath is a combat robot developed by the Vanguard troops. It is equipped with Gatling guns, missile launchers and even flamethrowers. It is brought by Vanguard troop's V-22 Osprey inside a container in the last level of Sidewinder. The players must team up to destroy it.

In Last Ride chapter, there are 2 non-working XT-300 Goliaths that can be seen in map 1.

Goliath also appears as a playable character for Human team which can be controlled through third-person-view in Zombie Giant mode.

Tactics destroying the Goliath[]

  • When the Goliath is using its flamethrower, get to the roof and stay away from the fire or take cover in the other buildings. The flame could pierce through the walls and kills the players if they did not avoid it.
  • When it is launching missiles, stay downstairs and stay away from the flying missiles as they will kill you if you are directly under the place where the rockets land.
  • Use anti-materiel sniper rifles like the M95 and the AS50, as well as the WA2000. Rocket launchers (AT4/AT-4CS) are also effective.
  • Aim for its back or its legs, it takes the most damage that way.
  • Do not stand too close to the Goliath or it will step on the player.
  • When using AT4-CS or AT4, aim for its legs.
  • When placing turrets, place it further from the building to kill more enemies as the turret's range is quite limited. It will also distract other enemies while engaging the Goliath.


Honor mission[]

Appointer Title Task Reward
Victor [Gear Breaker] Destroy XT-300 Goliath 100 times. Gear Breaker
Victor [Mech Warrior] Operate XT-300 Goliath 100 times in Zombie Giant mode. Mech Warrior



  • The model of XT-300 in Zombie Giant mode has some differences:
    • The missile launchers on its shoulders no longer appear.
    • The left hand is different, it is equipped with a triple-barreled rocket launcher instead of gatling gun.
    • It also cannot use flamethrowers in this mode.
    • After the Splash update, a new crosshair for XT-300 has been added, which looks similar to the one in Half-Life 2.