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Yeti or Beast is a playable character in Beast mode.


Beast is a creature which a human can evolve into by collecting 3 crystal fragments in Beast modes. They have a great health power and armor. They also have high knockback resistance, able to dodge attacks and do double jumps.

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Name Effect Use
Scroll impact The user is able to rush straight to the targeted area. Unlimited
Heavy beat The user stomps the ground to damage and stun nearby enemies.

Once per summoning




  • One Yeti was infected in Encounter chapter and became the boss. 2 other infected Yetis appeared as mini bosses, one in the first round of Envy Mask chapter while the other in the first round of Paranoia chapter. Players also can find many dead Yeti's bodies in Paranoia chapter.
  • When a human becomes a Yeti, he/she will still have his own hurt and radio sounds. For example: If you shoot a Yeti who previously was a female character, you will hear a female wound sound.