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Z-VIRUS is the second patch for Zombie: The Mutation and Zombie: The Hero.


There are new zombies, weapons, maps and items introduced.

New items[]

Poison Gun[]

Main article: Poison Gun

This weapon boasts an excellent power to zombies which is only obtainable by Sidekicks. It is fed with 200 rounds of Nitrogen gas, making it a powerful zombie killing weapon. It is excellent for a close combat with zombies despite of having limited range.

Dual Nata Knives[]

Main article: Dual Nata Knives

Dual Nata Knives can only be obtained by Sidekicks and has higher damage than Nata Knife. It is a two-wielded knives with a syringe handle that contains toxic. It has faster slashing rate in primary mode and higher damage in secondary mode.

New weapon[]

M32 MGL[]

Main article: M32 MGL

M32 MGL is a light weight revolver-style semi-automatic grenade launcher fed with 6 rounds of 40×46mm grenades. The second firing mode increases the range and rate of fire. It is not recommended to fire this in closed space as the user will get injured due to explosive impact.

New zombies[]

Sting Finger[]

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Main article: Sting Finger

Sting Finger is a Female Researcher who turned into a zombie due to Z-VIRUS while working for an unidentified illegal research complex. With her elasticity ability, she is able to penetrate through enemies in an instant with a sharp tentacle and high jumping abilities.

Venom Guard[]

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Main article: Venom Guard

Venom Guard is a male Security Guard who turned into a zombie due to Z-Virus while working for an unidentified illegal research complex. Its body has been filled up with toxic substance as it was affected by chemical waste. It has the ability to harden its body and heal injuries.

New map[]


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Main article: Forbidden

Nearby an illegal chemical research area, there is a facility to dispose remaining chemical waste from the research. However, it has been stopped for a pretty long time. Now, this place becomes a resting ground for zombies that strengthened from various chemical wastes.


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